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Monday, September 30, '13

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One Step Closer To A Blood Test For Alzheimer’sSmoking Prevention In Schools: Does It Work?
The Right Amount Of Vitamin D For BabiesNew Health Insurance Survey: 84 Million People Were Uninsured For A Time Or Underinsured In 2012
'Catastrophic' Malpractice Payouts Add Little To Health Care's Rising CostsDrivers Education For Older Drivers Remains For 2 Years, HF/E Researcher Finds
Prevention Of Bullying: Research Report And RecommendationsSunshine Hormone, Vitamin D, May Offer Hope For Treating Liver Fibrosis
Federal Safety Net Health Care Coverage For Kids With Diabetes Varies Significantly By StateWayne State Research Finds Psychological Vulnerable Older Adults Are More Susceptible To Experience Fraud
A Text Message A Day Keeps The Asthma Attack AwayPitt Team Finds Melatonin Delays ALS Symptom Onset And Death In Mice
Chemo, Radiation, Then Surgery Improves Lung Cancer SurvivalNew Studies Prove Lethal Link Between Alcohol, Weight
Advancing Emergency Care For Kids: Emergency Physicians Do It AgainWomen Smokers More Likely To Get Colon Cancer Than Men: Study
Study Finds Women Who Drink Alcohol Before Pregnancy Less Likely To Take MultivitaminsFor Some Seniors With Skin Cancer, Surgery Not Always Best Choice
Nephrologist Follow-Up Improves Mortality Of Severe Acute Kidney Injury PatientsSecondhand Smoke Tied To Lower 'Good' Cholesterol In Teen Girls
Over-Diagnosis And Over-Treatment Of Depression Is Common In The USStudy Debunks Lyme Disease-Autism Link
Researchers Pinpoint Upper Safe Limit Of Vitamin D Blood LevelsPreemies' Increased Survival Comes With No Rise In Disabilities: Study
Sleep Duration Associated With Higher Colorectal Cancer RiskStudy Looks At Vitamin D Needs In Breast-Fed Babies
Low Vitamin D Levels A Risk Factor For PneumoniaMany Stroke Patients Don't Call 911, Study Finds
Low HDL-Cholesterol -- Not Quantity, But QualityNew Guidelines Suggest HIV Screening For All Adults
STOP Obesity Alliance Encourages Nonprofit Hospitals To Address Obesity As Part Of New Federal Community Health Benefit RequirementsSchool Programs Do Keep Some Kids From Smoking
Mayo Clinic Finds Experimental Drug Inhibits Growth In All Stages Of Common Kidney CancerBlind Cords Pose Danger To Toddlers, Doctors Warn
Mild Iodine Deficiency In Womb Associated With Lower Scores On Children's Literacy TestsMen Who Are Obese While Young Can Pay A Price Later
Secondhand Smoke Presents Greater Threat To Teen Girls Than BoysSome Antidepressants Linked To Bleeding Risk With Surgery
Optimal Vitamin D Dosage For Infants UncertainMediterranean Diet Might Help Stave Off Dementia
Upper GI Bleed Linked To Death From Other CausesPediatrician Group Issues Home Birth Policy Statement
One In Three Stroke Emergencies Don’t Use EMSWomen Smokers May Have Greater Risk For Colon Cancer Than Men
Pregnant Women With High Celiac Disease Antibodies Are At Risk For Low Birth Weight BabiesAntidepressants Linked With Increased Risks After Surgery
Northwestern Medicine Researchers Work To Improve Heart Attack Response TimeWill Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?
Medicaid-Insured Children Have Limited Access To Dermatologists, SLU Researchers FindRear Seat Design -- A Priority For Children's Safety In Cars
Be Alert To Blind Cord Strangulation Risk, Parents Of Young Children WarnedObesity In Early 20s Curbs Chances Of Reaching Middle Age
More Evidence Suggests Eating Omega 3s And Avoiding Meat, Dairy Linked To Preserving MemoryTargeting Prescribers Can Reduce Excessive Use Of Antibiotics In Hospitals
Use Of Anti-Epileptic Drug During Pregnancy Associated With Increased Risk Of AutismDoctors Order Fewer Tests When They Know Prices: Study
New Designer Drug, 'Bath Salts,' May Confer Additional Risk For AdolescentsComputer Tool May Not Boost Mammograms' Accuracy
Menu Labels Displaying Amount Of Exercise Needed To Burn Calories Show BenefitsHospital Program Improves Antibiotic Prescribing
Vitamin E Identified As Potential Weapon Against ObesityReducing Complications May Cost Hospitals Money
Alcohol Industry Attempts To Influence Alcohol PolicyFDA Staff Concerned About Safety Of Endo's Testosterone Injection
Skin Cancer Linked To Future Risk Of Other CancersHealth Insurance Shortfalls Hit Nearly Half Of U.S. Adults: Report
Air Pollution And Hardening Of ArteriesMore Infants Surviving With Serious Heart Defects, Study Finds
1 Million Hours Of Psychiatrist Time Wasted Yearly On Phone Approval For HospitalizationMost Americans Oppose Soda, Candy Taxes
Battling With Bugs To Prevent Antibiotic ResistanceNo Evidence That New Bird Flu Passes Between People: Study
Obese Men With Benign Biopsy At High Risk For Prostate CancerRace, Income Tied To Breast Cancer Treatment Delays, Reduced Survival
40 Percent Of Parents Give Young Kids Cough/Cold Medicine That They Shouldn't12 Ounces Of Sugary Soda A Day Raises Diabetes Risk: Study
Green Spaces May Boost Well-Being For City SlickersKids' Concussion Recovery Varies By Symptom Severity: Study
Researchers Discover Mushrooms Can Provide As Much Vitamin D As SupplementsDiabetes Self-Care Improves Slowly, U.S. Report Finds
Grape Intake May Protect Against Metabolic Syndrome-Related Organ Damage'Gut Reaction' May Predict Cardiovascular Risk
Study Shows Reproductive Effects Of Pesticide Exposure Span GenerationsIngredient In New MS Drug Linked To Serious Brain Disease
Surgical Delay Of More Than 48 Hours Increases Mortality In Older Hip Fracture PatientsBlood Test May Catch Deadly Fungal Infection Quickly
Is Food Truly Addictive?Many Americans Breathing Cleaner Air: Report
Using Nitrous Oxide For Anesthesia Doesn't Increase -- And May Decrease -- Complications And DeathSome 25.6 Million In U.S. Defrauded By Scammers
New Findings On Tree Nuts And Health Presented At The Experimental Biology Meeting In Boston, Mass.40 Percent Of Parents Give Young Kids Medicine They Shouldn't
Rise In Sodium Intake In US Over Last Decade Despite Health Officials' Call For ReductionStudy: Doctors Show Less Empathy, Concern To The Overweight
3 New Studies Reveal Added Fiber's Impact On Various Health IndicesResearcher: YouTube 'Cinnamon Challenge' Can Cause Lung Damage
Alternative Therapies May Help Lower Blood PressureA High-Salt Diet And Ulcer Bug May Increase Cancer Risk
Diagnostic Errors More Common, Costly And Harmful Than Treatment MistakesAARP: Medicare Drug Savings Act Of 2013 Has Senior Rebates
Study Evaluates Mobile Acute Care Of The Elderly (MACE) Service Vs. Usual Elder CareFetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Linked To Pot's Active Ingredient
Cutting Back On Sleep Harms Blood Vessel Function And Breathing ControlWHO, China To Study Avian Flu That Killed 17, Sickened 91 In China
New Light Shed On Early Stage Alzheimer's DiseaseCDC: Foodborne Infections Campylobacter, Vibrio Increased
After Age 18, Asthma Care DeterioratesPrescription Drug Abuse Up Among U.S. Teens: Survey
New Agent Might Control Breast-Cancer Growth And SpreadMany Parents Give Kids Cold Medicines When They Shouldn't, Survey Finds
Diagnosis And Management Of Pancreatic Cancer: A Review For PhysiciansShrinkage Of Brain Region May Signal Onset Of Multiple Sclerosis
Even A Few Cigarettes A Day Increases Risk Of Rheumatoid Arthritis'Misdiagnosis' Leading Cause Of U.S. Malpractice Payouts: Study
New Radiotherapy Approach Reduces Symptoms Of Dry Mouth In Patients With Head And Neck CancersMammograms Can Measure How Breast Cancer Drug Is Working: Study
Commonly Used Drug Can Limit Radiation Damage To Lungs And Heart For Cancer PatientsExercise, Alternative Therapies May Help Lower Blood Pressure
Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Reduces Side Effects In Patients With Early Breast CancerHIV Drugs May Help Protect Young Patients' Hearts: Study
More Evidence Berries Have Health-Promoting PropertiesFiguring Out Your Migraine Triggers Is Tricky
New Dietary Analysis Tool For Athletes DebutsPopular Cinnamon Stunt Can Have Serious Lung Effects
Study: Low-Dose Aspirin Stymies Proliferation Of 2 Breast Cancer LinesTackling Diet, Exercise Together Produces Best Results: Study
Scientists Confirm New H7N9 Bird Flu Has Come From ChickensInsurance Loss Hampers Young People With Asthma
New Guidelines Did Not Change Mammography RatesYoung Athletes Urged To Use Face-Protecting Gear
New $5.5 Billion Plan Aims To Rid World Of Polio By 2018Mammo Rates Unchanged Despite Controversial Guidelines
Sugary Drinks Can Raise Diabetes Risk By 22 Percent: StudyClosed Windows in Hospital Rooms May Raise Infection Risk
WHO Says New Bird Strain Is "One Of Most Lethal" Flu Viruses10 Percent Have Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, Language Impairment
Gut Bugs Are Implicated In Heart Attacks And StrokeU.S. Infant Mortality Down 12 Percent Since 2005
Minorities Wait Longer For Breast Cancer SurgeryInefficient Health Systems Keep Vaccines From 22 Million Kids
Aging U.S. To Drive Up Heart-Related Health Costs: StudyReport: Lack Of Antibiotics Has Dire Consequences
FDA To Launch Tool To Detect Fake, Substandard Malaria DrugsFDA Committee Advises Approval Of Breo, A COPD Drug
Fruit, Mediterranean Diet Tied To Fewer Hot FlashesOlder Men With Prostate Cancer Tend To Die Of Something Else
Race And Geography May Influence Late-Stage Kidney CareHospitals Profit $40,000 For Some Patients With Complications
UK Review Warns On Cosmetic Injections, Urges Tougher RulesOne Of The Germiest Part Of The Kitchen Is The Refrigerator
Epilepsy Drug In Pregnancy Tied To Autism RiskStudy: 'Western Style' Diet Can Be A Killer
Childhood Meningitis Tied To Lower AchievementCampaign To Increase African-American Moms Breastfeeding
Same-Day Discharge After Angioplasty Seems SafeWomen's Risk Of Blindness Higher Than Men
New York City Wants To Ban Cigarette Sales To People Under 21Too Much Stress Is Bad, But Right Amount Tunes The Brain
Heart Bypass Surgery Or Stents? Depends On PatientElderly Less Forgotten When Using Social Media
Just Say No To "Cinnamon Challenge:" Pediatricians70 Percent Of U.S. Employers To Keep Health Insurance
Extra Fiber Tied To Lower Risk Of StrokeEmu Oil May Help Treat Bowel Diseases, Chemotherapy Damage
Commonplace Causes May Lead To Deadly Cath Lab DelayFatigue Causes 20 Percent Of U.S. Auto Crashes
Grain Handlers Wary Of Toxin Lingering In '12 U.S. Corn HarvestPhysicians Should Not 'Friend' Patients Via Social Media
Large Study Finds No Vaccine Link To Nerve DisorderMost With PTSD Getting The Wrong Therapy
Negative Views Tied To Child MaltreatmentBoulder, Colo., Least Likely To Be Obese, McAllen, Texas, Most Likely
Exercise, Diet May Keep Sleep Apnea From WorseningCopper On ICU Surfaces Reduces Infections Such As MRSA By Half
Diclegis OKd For Preventing Morning SicknessLaser Liposuction Melts Fat, Results In Tighter Skin
Taconite Study Finds Prolonged Exposure Ups Lung RiskStenting Blocked Bowel Arteries Saves Lives
Recall: Manda Deli Meats For Possible ListeriaIcy Therapy Spot Treats Cancer In The Lung
Treatment for New, Deadly Coronavirus Shows PromiseDrug-Coated Stents Prevent Leg Amputation
Number Of U.S. Foodborne Illness Cases Stalled: CDCDecreasing KV Reduces Radiation Dose In Lumbar Spine CT Without Compromising Quality
As Pedestrian's Age Rises, So Does Odds Of Dying In Traffic Accident'Western' Diet Not The Way To Age Well
Hard Physical Labor May Boost Risk Of Heart Disease, Stroke: StudiesVitamin D May Help Prevent Uterine Fibroids
Alzheimer's Patients May Face Looming Shortage Of NeurologistsDrunk Driving Not The Only Way Alcohol Leads To Teen Deaths: Study
Smoking From Hookah Not A Harmless Alternative To CigarettesHeart Scarring May Be More Dangerous Than Thought, Study Suggests
Cold Winters Freezing Out Breast Cancer TreatmentHigher Heart Rate Tied To Earlier Death, Even In Fit People
Outpatients, Hospital Patients Face Different Problems With Antibiotic ResistanceScarring May Raise Death Risk From Fatty Liver Disease
Topical Use Of Arthritis Drug Provides Relief For Dry Eye DiseaseStudy May Explain How Circumcision Reduces HIV Risk
Experts Examine Mediterranean Diet’s Health Effects For Older AdultsDoctors Order Fewer Lab Tests When They Know The Cost
Bursts Of Brain Activity May Protect Against Alzheimer's DiseaseSmoking Bans In Public Housing Could Save Dollars, Lives: CDC
Study Says More Efforts Needed To Regulate Dietary SupplementsLullabies And Other Music May Help Sick Preemies
Learning Disabilities Affect Up To 10 Percent Of ChildrenPatients Often Biased Against Fat Doctors, Too
Nearly 30 Percent Of Women Fail To Pick Up New Prescriptions For Osteoporosis, Study FindsU.N. Aims To End Child Deaths From Pneumonia, Severe Diarrhea
Long-Term Exposure To Fine Particles Of Traffic Pollution Increases Risk Of Heart DiseaseRaw Fruit May Not Be Linked To Lower Blood Pressure
Mental Vulnerability Associated With Increased Risk Of Cardiovascular DiseaseExercise As Good As Massage For Sore Muscles
Demanding Physical Work Associated With An Increased Risk Of Cardiovascular DiseaseSome Drinking Tied To Longer Life Post-Breast Cancer
Preventing Obesity In Young ChildrenHealth Budget Spends On Mental Health; Cuts Medicare
How Deployment Affects FamiliesWeight Loss Surgery Tied To Colon Cancer Risk
The Doctor Won't See You Now? Study: US Facing A Neurologist ShortagePeople Eat More Unhealthy Foods On Days They Drink
Blood Pressure Out Of Control At Safety-Net ClinicsBreakfast Cereal Tied To Lower BMI For Kids
Children And Teens With Autism More Likely To Become Preoccupied With Video Games, MU Researcher SaysArrhythmia Drug Unavailable In Most Countries: Study
Is Your Migraine Preventive Treatment Balanced Between Drugs’ Benefits And Harms?Many Medical Journals Lack Ghostwriting Policies
Few Breast Cancer Survivors Maintain Adequate Physical Activity Despite BenefitsInsight: Insurers See Promise In Pay-For-Performance Health Plans
Half Of Tamiflu Prescriptions Went Unused During 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic, Sewage Study ConcludesFDA Advisers Say Bausch & Lomb Implantable Lens Safe, Effective
Common Osteoporosis Drug Slows Formation Of New BoneFDA OK's First Drug For Morning Sickness In More Than 50 Years
Osteoporosis Costs EU Countries €37 Billion Every YearNew Medicare Cuts Threaten Non-Profit Hospitals - Moody's
Radiation Dose Level Affects Size Of Lesions Seen On Chest CT ImagesLack Of Evidence On Oral Cancer Screening: Panel
Better Coordination Necessary To Reduce Hospital Readmission RatesDoctors Group Questions Prostate Cancer Screening
Differences In Staging And Treatment Likely To Be Behind UK's Low Bowel Cancer SurvivalStrict School Lunch Standards Tied To Healthy Weight
Impact Of Portion Size On Overeating Is Hard To OvercomeFitness After 65 Is No One-Size-Fits-All Endeavor
Aerobic Exercise May Protect Cognitive Abilities Of Heavy Drinkers, Says CU-Boulder StudyChina's Bird Flu Outbreak No Cause For Panic: WHO
Nearly Half Of All Deaths From Prostate Cancer Can Be Predicted Before Age 50Dish Size, Meal Frequency May Affect Kids' Weight
What Really Makes Us Fat?U.S. Issues Advisory To Doctors To Help Identify Bird Flu
Common Pregnancy Conditions Risk Future DiabetesNon-Dairy Calcium Seen To Lower Kidney Stone Risk
Study Examines Relationship Between Occurrence Of Surgical Complications And Hospital FinancesChronic Pain Common After Strokes Caused By Clots
Adoption Of Healthy Lifestyle Low By Individuals With CVDE-Cigarettes Primarily Used To Quit Tobacco: Study
Patients With Surgical Complications Provide Greater Hospital Profit-MarginsTestosterone Doesn't Boost Functioning In Older Men
Routine EKG Finding Could Signal Serious Heart ProblemU.S. Says Following New Bird Flu Closely; Preparing Vaccine
Aerobic Exercise May Alleviate Some Of The White-Matter Damage Caused By Heavy DrinkingWorld Experts Debate Case For New Bird Flu Vaccine
Tobacco Companies Keep People Smoking Despite UK Cigarette Tax IncreasesSmokers Have Worse Colon Cancer Prognosis: Study
Penn Study Shows A Quarter Of Patients Discharged From Hospitals Return To ERs Within 30 DaysOmega-3 Fatty Acids Tied To Longer Life: Study
Mammogram Tool Improves Some Breast Cancer Detection But Also Increases False AlarmsWhat Treatment's Best For Hyperactive Preschoolers?
Cholesterol Increases Risk Of Alzheimer's And Heart DiseaseSmall, Rural Hospitals Lag On Some Quality Measures
Without Adequate Funding, Deadly Wheat Disease Could Threaten Global Food Supplies, U Of M Scientists SayCounsel Women With Likely BRCA Family History: Panel
No Evidence Drugs, Vitamins, Supplements Help Prevent Cognitive Decline In Healthy Older AdultsAfter "Tan Mom," New Jersey Bans Children From Tanning Beds
Excess Vitamin E Intake Not A Health ConcernStatin Side Effects Can Often Be Overcome: Study
Following A Western Style Diet May Lead To Greater Risk Of Premature DeathU.S. To Boost Medicare Advantage Payment Rate
Vitamin D May Reduce Risk Of Uterine Fibroids, According To NIH StudyClues To Heart Disease In Unexpected Places, Temple Researchers Discover
Increased Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease For Pregnant Women With High Blood PressureTeenage Smoking Behavior Influenced By Friends' And Parents' Smoking Habits
High Heart Rate At Rest Signals Higher Risk Of Death Even In Fit Healthy PeopleAsbestos Exposure, Asbestosis, And Smoking Combined Greatly Increase Lung Cancer Risk
England's Smoking Ban Linked To Annual 5 Percent Drop In Emergency Admissions For AsthmaMolecular Hub Links Obesity, Heart Disease To High Blood Pressure
'Comparison Shopping' By Doctors Saves MoneyMost Effective PTSD Therapies Are Not Being Widely Used, Researchers Find
Drinking Cup Of Beetroot Juice Daily May Help Lower Blood PressureOlder People May Be At Greater Risk For Alcohol Impairment Than Teens, According To Baylor Study
Preventing Cognitive Decline In Healthy SeniorsTexting, Social Networking And Other Media Use Linked To Poor Academic Performance
C-Peptide Levels Linked To Death And Heart Disease In Nondiabetic AdultsDo Drugs For Bipolar Disorder 'Normalize' Brain Gene Function? U-M Study Suggests So
Picture This: A Dramatic Drop In Wrong Patient ErrorsA New Treatment Option For Alcohol Dependence: Reduced Consumption Rather Than Abstinence
Why Do People With Apple-Shaped Bodies Have An Increased Risk Of Kidney Disease?Penn Study Finds Virtual Colonoscopy Is Used Appropriately, May Expand Screening To More Patients
Sleep Apnoea Patients More Likely To Report Nodding At The Wheel And Fail Driving Simulator TestsCWRU Study Finds Mothers With Postpartum Depression Would Welcome Online Professional Treatment If Available
A New Protein Target For Controlling DiabetesNot All Patients Benefit Equally From Hip Or Knee Replacement: Study Finds
Co-Q10 Deficiency May Relate To Statin Drugs, Diabetes RiskStudy Finds Dementia Care Costs Among Highest Of All Diseases; Comparable To Cancer, Heart Disease
1 In 5 Seniors On Risky Meds; More In US SouthEU Minimum Tax Legislation For Cigarettes Has Had No Effect On Smoking Prevalence
People Who Normally Practice Sport Have A Better Attention Span Than Those With Bad Physical HealthReducing Salt And Increasing Potassium Will Have Major Global Health Benefits
Half Of All Patient Complaints In Australia Are About 3 Percent Of DoctorsWalking Can Lower Risk Of Heart-Related Conditions As Much As Running
Doctors Not Informed Of Harmful Effects Of Medicines During Sales VisitsChronic Pain Common Complication Of Clot-Caused Strokes
Fox Chase Researchers Find Some Lung Cancers Linked To Common VirusGrowth Hormone Reverses Growth Problems In Children With Kidney Failure
Major Symposium On Arsenic Contamination In Food And Water SuppliesOverweight Starting In Early Adulthood Linked With Kidney Disease In Older Age
High Levels Of Lead Detected In Rice Imported From Certain CountriesNew Genetic Markers May Signal Who Is At Increased Risk For Alzheimer's Disease
In Autism, Age At Diagnosis Depends On Specific SymptomsProstate Cancer Treatment Study Changing The Way Doctors Practice
2-Drug Combo More Effective In Treating Sarcomas, Moffitt Cancer Center Study ShowUCLA Brain-Imaging Tool And Stroke Risk Test Help Identify Cognitive Decline Early
'Diseases Of Affluence' Spreading To Poorer CountriesUrinary Tract Infections 29 Times More Likely In Schizophrenia Relapse
Sensational Success In Patients With Major DepressionDental Anesthesia May Interrupt Development Of Wisdom Teeth In Children
Changes To Psychiatry's 'Bible' Could Widen Definition Of ADHDConfirmed The Effectiveness Of A Spray That Greatly Improves Dry Mouth Sensation Caused By Anti-Depressants
Common Sleep Disorder May Impair Drivers, Research SuggestsOphthalmologists Urge Early Diagnosis And Treatment Of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Strides Made In Preventing Cancer, But Challenges Remain: ReportBaldness Linked To Increased Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease
Belly Fat May Be Tied To Kidney DamageNew Bird Flu No Immediate Threat: U.S. Experts
Radiation Therapy May Raise Future Death Risk From Heart SurgeryMany Americans Skipping Meds To Save Money, CDC Says
Primary Care Docs Shouldn't Screen All Patients For Oral Cancer: ExpertsMost Men Don't Need PSA Tests, Doctors' Group Says
Treating Sleep Apnea Pays Off At Work, Study FindsTapeworm-Linked Seizures May Be Rising In U.S., Doctors Say
Chemotherapy, No Radiation For Lymphoma Type EffectiveBabies' Birth Month May Affect MS Risk: Study
Healthcare Reform Won't Result In Higher Premiums For Young AdultsDoctors Too Pap-Happy, Survey Suggests
Why Red Meat May Clog ArteriesElder Abuse Tied To Higher Hospitalization Rates
Daily Senior Exercise With DVD BeneficialMore Than A Quarter Of Melanoma Survivors Skip Sunscreen, Study Finds
U.S. Family Trashes 20 Lbs. Of Food/MonthMercury Exposure Linked To Raised Diabetes Risk
Younger Adults Can't Afford MedicationsWhen Teens Focus On TV, Obesity Risk Rises
Recession Led To More Doctor BankruptciesCommon Heart Drug Linked To Cancer Risk In Study
Those On Medicaid Have Worse HealthLengthy Seizures May Delay Mental Development, Study Suggests
Consumers Clueless On Healthcare ReformFor Older Women, Missed Mammograms Tied To Worse Breast Cancer Outcomes
Doctor Follow-Up After ER Chest Pain KeyLess Salt, More Potassium = Millions Of Lives Saved
Fiber May Decrease Risk Of Stroke'Wake-Up' Cigarette May Raise Risk For Lung, Mouth Cancers
80 Percent Of U.S. Teens Have A Bad DietCollege Sports Could Raise Players' Risk For Depression, Study Finds
Seniors Who Eat Fish May Live LongerNearly 30 Percent Of Americans Have High Blood Pressure: CDC
Walking As Good As Running For HealthBrisk Walking Equals Running For Heart Health: Study
Less Salt, More Potassium Would Save LivesDespite Big Progress, Many Kids Have High Lead Levels In Blood
Is Medical Therapy A Better And Safer Choice Than Angioplasty In Treating Stable Coronary Artery Disease?Overweight While Younger Ups Kidney Risk Later
25% Don’t Complete Recommended Breast Cancer TreatmentChronic Pain Often Follows Stroke
Copper Surfaces Reduce The Rate Of Health Care-Acquired Infections In The ICUCancer Patients May Be Unintended Victims Of Budget Cuts
Decontamination Of Unused Medical Supplies Reduces Health-Care CostsCommon Asphalt Sealant May Raise Cancer Risks
Dedicated Cleaning Staff Shown To Reduce C. Difficile Contamination In Hospital RoomsMany U.S. Blacks Eager to Take Part In Medical Research
Short Daily Walk Might Help Teen Smokers Cut Down Or Quit, New Study SaysBalding Men Could Face Higher Heart Risks, Study Finds
Omega-3 Fatty Acids More Effective At Inhibiting Growth Of Triple-Negative Breast CancerU.S. Spends More On Dementia Care Than Heart Disease Or Cancer: Study
New Treatment Holds Promise For Resistant Lung Cancer'Sharps' Injuries Pose Serious Hazard For Surgeons, O.R. Staff
Fox Chase Researchers Show That A Promising Drug Can Help Prevent Head And Neck CancersLow Testosterone Linked To Later Arthritis In Study
Cleveland Clinic Research: Prior Chest Radiation Grows Risk Of Death After Heart SurgeryGrassley Finds Hospitals Profit From Drugs
Increased Rates Of Hospitalization Linked To Elder Abuse, Rush Researchers FindU.S. Eating A Diet Low In Saturated Fat
Older Patients Have Higher Expectations And Are More Satisfied With HealthcareMarked U.S. Crosswalks Are Accident Prone
IU Study: Higher Mercury Levels In Humans Associated With Increased Risk For DiabetesNew York State Develops Health Priorities
Diabetes Patients Need To Be Consulted To Improve TreatmentU.S. Dementia Care Costs $200 Billion
Adding Intestinal Enzyme To Diets Of Mice Appears To Prevent, Treat Metabolic SyndromeBeef: One-Quarter Of Food Borne Illness
Strict School Meal Standards Associated With Improved Weight Status Among StudentsCDC: Prepare Water Wells Before Disaster
Healthy Doctors Make Healthy Patients, Study FindsNIH: Funding To Detect Autism Cause
Alcohol Consumption Has No Impact On Breast Cancer SurvivalWatered Down Drug Given To Cancer Patients
Arrhythmia Drug May Increase Cancer RiskElectronic Health Records Not Up To Task
American College Of Physicians Releases New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidance StatementHeart Failure Affects Whites More
Polluting Plastic Particles Invade The Great LakesMore Funds Go To Medicare Advantage
Some Patients With Incurable Tumors And BRCA Mutations Respond To New 2-Drug CombinationFDA Changes Label Of Nicotine Gum, Patches
Cleveland Clinic Researchers Discover New Link Between Heart Disease And Red MeatSleep Apnea Linked To Behavioral Problems
Low Levels Of Serum Bilirubin Spell Higher Lung Cancer Risk For Male SmokersCanola Oil Linked To Less Belly Fat
Lift Weights To Lower Blood Sugar? White Muscle Helps Keep Blood Glucose Levels Under ControlDNA-Damaging Toxins Found In Some Foods
Global Burden Of Dengue Is Triple Current EstimatesDifferent Drug Combinations Work Best For Prevention Versus Treatment Of Colorectal Tumors
Huge Disparities In Hypertension Seen Across US CountiesDiabetes Trials Worldwide Are Not Addressing Key Issues In Affected Populations
Treatments, Not Prevention, Dominate Diabetes ResearchMediterranean Diet Helps Heart And Perhaps Memory As Well