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Monday, September 30, '13


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Don't Drink Coffee Before Snow ShovelingSleepiness Correlated To Lack Of Vitamin D
Elderly Need Monitoring During Cold SpellsAbout Half Of Doctors Nearly Crash Driving
Diet Trends: Low-Fat, Low-Carb OutMedicaid Not Expanded Will Cost Hospitals
Expert: Champagne Cork Can Put An Eye OutObesity Rates Decline, But U.S. Health Falters
U.S. Cancer Screenings DownKeep Buffet Food Containers Small
Obesity Can Begin At Age 9 MonthsSlight Decline In U.S. Preschool Obesity
Pregnant? There's An App For ThatSmoking May Worsen Hangovers
Dehydration A Problem In Winter TooAsparagus May Help With A Hangover
Stronger Seasonal Flu Vaccine For ElderlyFDA Approves Cholesterol Lowering Drug
Diet And Exercise Still Best Combo For Losing WeightFungal Meningitis Caused 37 Needless Deaths
FDA: Drug To Prevent Blood Clots ApprovedThousands of U.S. Babies Born With Cleft Lip, Palate Each Year
Study Shows Early Cognitive Problems Among Those Who Eventually Get Alzheimer'sPassengers On Queen Mary 2 Sickened By Unidentified Pathogen
Statin Drug Shows Promise For Fighting Malaria EffectsEarly Scheduling Gets More Patients To Cardiac Rehab
US Cancer Screening Rates Decline Over The Last 10 Years, Finds New StudyNo Fewer Side Effects For Prostate Proton Therapy
Ability To Metabolize Tamoxifen Affects Breast Cancer Outcomes, Mayo Clinic-Led Study ConfirmsShanghai To Enact Strict New Food Safety Law - Xinhua
New MRI Method May Help Diagnose DementiaSome Cancer Docs Say Their Income Tied To Treatments
Obesity May Be Declining Among Preschool-Aged Children Living In Low-Income FamiliesObesity Declining In Young, Poorer Kids: Study
Every School Needs A Doctor, Pediatricians SayLittle Change In Overtreatment At Doctors' Offices
U.S. Mentally Ill And Their Families Face Barriers To Care‘Dystextia': Gibberish Texts Sound Stroke Alarm
1 Million Brits Hit With NorovirusWatch Out For Eyes When Champagne Corks Fly
MRSA Detected In Milk Samples In BritainCar Crashes Common For Sleepy Doctors In Training: Study
Salty Eating Harms Those With HypertensionResearch Reveals Why Flu Peaks In Certain Seasons
Harsh Soaps/Cleaners Make Dry Hands WorseKids And Healthy Eating Can Go Together
FDA Warns Of Reumofan Plus Sold As 'WOW'U.S. Cancer Screening Rates Dropping: Study
Misuse Of Antibiotics Down In ChinaShortage Of Drug For Children's Cancer May Have Upped Relapse Rates
U.S. Visual Impairment IncreasingOxygen Treatment May Improve The Odds For Extreme Preemies
Inflammatory Biomarker Link To DepressionOverweight Teens Report High Rates Of Bullying, Teasing
Dry Air Turns Skin Dry TooBrain Scans Might Help Spot Risk For Bipolar Disorder
Study: Blood Transfusion Associated With Increased Risk Of Death For Patients With Heart AttackFish Sold In New York Is Routinely Mislabeled: Study
Elevated Levels of C-Reactive Protein Appear Associated With Psychological Distress, DepressionDocs Should Counsel Youth About Not Smoking: Panel
Neuroscientists Find Excessive Protein Synthesis Linked To Autistic-Like BehaviorsWeight Loss? There's An App For That
What's Best For Kids' Eye Health? Experts Give InsightYouth Who Overeat More Likely To Take Up Drugs
Some Kids Abusing Common Baking IngredientsOutbreak Of Dengue Fever Diminishing On Madeira, Say Authorities
Lifestyle Affects Outcome Of Peripheral Artery Procedure: StudyIron May Prevent Behavioral Issues In Small Babies
Winter Depression May Require Treatment PlanRoche Breast Cancer Drug Extends Overall Survival
Holidays Spell Trouble For Folks Unaware They're DiabeticSupreme Court To Hear "Pay-For-Delay" Drug Case
Blood Protein Linked To Depression, Study FindsShould Breast Cancer Patients Skip The Pre-Op MRI?
Eye Scan Could Help Track Progress Of Multiple SclerosisUncircumcised Boys And Men May Face More UTIs
Nearly One-Third of Kids With Food Allergies May Be BulliedKeep Tots' Milk To 2 Cups A Day: Study
U.S. Flu Season In Full Swing, CDC SaysBanning Vaccine Preservative Would Hurt Kids In Poor Nations: Experts
Flu Drug Tamiflu OK For Babies Under 1: FDACancer Costs Billions Yearly In U.S. Worker Productivity: Study
Consider Eye Safety When Toy ShoppingUnhealthy Snacks Tied To Colon Cancer For Those At High Risk
Hepatitis: The Hidden HazardAerobic Exercise Seems Best For Weight, Fat Loss
FDA Panel Recommends Against 1st Drug For Chronic Fatigue SyndromeWinter Weather, Snow Shoveling Pose Heart Risks
Preventable Surgical Errors Continue To Occur: StudyEPA Lowers Permissible Soot Levels In Air
Omega-3s In Formula Can Help Baby's Eyesight: ReviewHeavy Drinking, Pot Use Tied To Teen Brain Changes
Many Primary-Care Doctors Want Help Treating ObesityVitamin D Levels Linked To Daytime Sleepiness
Persimmons A Good Source Of Beta-CaroteneMillions of Nonsmokers Exposed To Smoke From Neighbors' Apartments: Report
U.S. Has Shortage Of TB MedicationStudy Questions Advice Given To Obese Pregnant Women
Prostate Cancer Detected Using MRI-BiopsyHigh Blood Pressure Poses Bigger Stroke Risk For Blacks, Study Says
Expanding Waistlines May Be Due To AlcoholUse 'Em, Don't Lose 'Em! Eating Egg Yolks Adds Nutritious Benefits
Broccoli, Cauliflower May Reduce CancerAerobic Exercise Boosts Brain Power
Not Only Red Wine Ups 'Good' CholesterolCommon Anesthetic Agents Can Be Harmful For The Development Of The Fetus
Snow Shoveling Puts Strain On HeartVitamin D Can Help Infection-Prone Patients Avoid Respiratory Tract Infection
Junk Food Diet Causes OsteoporosisBlood Pressure, Smoking And Alcohol: The Health Risks With The Biggest Global Burden
Gallup: Most Happy With Health InsurancePsychosocial Distress Associated With Increased Stroke Risk
Why Elderly Are Fraud Victims More OftenAbility To Sit And Rise From The Floor Is Closely Correlated With All-Cause Mortality Risk
What To Do If Elderly Relatives AilingPatients With Family History Of Colorectal Cancer May Be At Risk For Aggressive Form Of The Disease
Kidney Procedure Helps Treat HypertensionSurvivors Of Breast Cancer More Likely To Develop Diabetes, And Should Be Screened More Closely
Nearly 23% Of U.S. Teens Smoke PotNew Report: Employer Health Insurance Premiums Increased 62 Percent From 2003 To 2011
Frail Elderly Often Don't Have Enough FoodWorkplace Bullying Ups Risk Of Prescriptions For Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia
$80 Million For School-Based HealthcareAlmost 1 In 3 Pedestrians 'Distracted' By Mobiles While Crossing Street
West, New England Have Best Heart HealthUCLA Scientists Find Drug That May Help Fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Exercise May Cut Heart Failure DepressionLethal Stings From The Australian Box Jellyfish Could Be Treated With Zinc
Music Facilitates Healing, Lessens PainUnhealthy Behaviors Could Slow Progress In Reducing Heart Disease, Stroke
Allergies, Extra Weight Tied To BullyingNew Exercise For Middle-Age Men Needs Care
U.S. Reprimands Some Eye Centers On LASIK Surgery AdvertisingDiabetes Drug May Help Fight Alzheimer's
FDA Approves Aegerion's Cholesterol Drug With Strongest WarningBlacks Have Higher Risk Of Heart Disease
Kids Given Healthier Snacks Eat Fewer Calories12 Days Of Trauma Can Break The Bank
Whole Grains Linked To Lower Prediabetes RiskSecondhand Smoke Ups Meningococcal Disease
Chest Compression-Only CPR Shows Long-Term Benefit$1.5 Billion In Insurer Rebates, Cost Cuts
U.S. Teen Smoking Declines To Record Low In 2012: StudyNo Vacation From Controlling Diabetes
Do UK Guidelines Catch More Colon Polyps Than U.S.?Women Smokers, Higher Risk Of Sudden Death
Probiotics Might Limit Infant Skin ProblemsFlu Shot: Part Of Worker, Patient Safety
EU Seeks An End To "Attractive" Tobacco BrandingVision Insurance Linked To Better Vision
Lifestyle Changes Linked To Better Outcomes After Peripheral InterventionVermont Healthiest, Miss. Worst, Again
Low Vitamin D Levels In Pregnancy Associated With Lower Birth Weights, Pitt Research FindsNew Drug For Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
UGA Research Offers New Targets For Stroke TreatmentsSome U.S. Cities Report Kids Losing Weight
Stroke Drug Kills Bacteria That Cause Ulcers And TuberculosisBrain Changes Persist After Concussion
Better Stroke Care, Everywhere: NIH-Funded Study Boosts Local Hospitals' Clotbuster UseChild Abuse In U.S. Declines For 5th Straight Year
Physicians Admit Feeling Under Qualified And Lacking Necessary Education To Treat ObesityU.S. Glaucoma Cases Jump 22 Percent Over Decade: Report
Healthy Lifestyle During Menopause May Decrease Breast Cancer Risk Later OnTexting While Walking May Be As Dangerous As Texting While Driving
Toward A Pill To Enable Celiac Patients To Eat Foods Containing GlutenStop-Smoking Drug Chantix May Carry Heart Risks, FDA Warns
Asthmatics At Increased Risk Of Pulmonary EmbolismFainting In Healthy People May Be First Sign Of Heart Trouble
Scientists Establish Link Between Inflammatory Process And Progression Of Alzheimer's DiseaseStudy Questions Standard Of Care For Head Trauma
Occasional Family Meals Enough To Boost Kids' Fruit And Veg IntakeZinc Shows Promise Against Deadly Jellyfish Venom
Small, Portable Sensors Allow Users To Monitor Exposure To Pollution On Their Smart PhonesScientists ID Gene That Shows Progression In ALS Patients
Patients With Diabetes May Not Receive Best Treatment To Lower Heart Disease Risk; One Size Doesn’t Fit AllAs Vision Problems In U.S. Rise, Diabetes May Explain Why
Silent Stroke Can Cause Parkinson's DiseaseCould Ending Your Fatty Food Habit Cause Withdrawal Symptoms And Depression?
Humanitarian Organizations Must Do More For Older People In EmergenciesFear Of Falling May Cause Social Isolation In Older Adults With Vision Problems
JAMA Article Discusses Critical Need For Iodine Supplements During Pregnancy And While NursingPrimary Care Physicians Play Vital Role In Caring For Diabetes Patients
Intensive Weight-Loss Intervention Linked With Increased Chance Of Partial Remission From DiabetesConcussions Affect Children's Brains Even After Symptoms Subside
Regular Aspirin Use 10 Or More Years Ago Associated With Increased Risk Of Type Of Age-Related Macular DegenerationEven Moderate Smoking Associated With Sudden Death Risk In Women
More Children Surviving In-Hospital Cardiac ArrestIndustry Sponsorship Leads To Bias In Reported Findings Of Clinical Trials
Immediate Health Risk Must Be Weighed Against Radiation-Induced Cancer RiskTaxes On Sugary Drinks And High Fat Foods Could Improve Health
2 Cups Of Milk A Day Ideal For Children's Health, New Research ShowsPrevalence Of Visual Impairment In US Increases
Berkeley Lab Scientists Developing Quick Way To ID People Exposed To Ionizing RadiationBedroom TV Viewing Increases Risk Of Obesity In Children
Filling Up Kids On Fewer CaloriesCombining Diagnostic Tests More Accurate At Predicting Alzheimer's
Perceived Stress May Predict Future Risk Of Coronary Heart DiseaseBrain Angioplasty And Stents Found Safe And Effective For Stroke Patients
Why Are Kids In Asthma Hotspots In NYC More Likely To Visit The ER? Exercise May Be A FactorHealth Care Practitioners Must Cooperate To Assure Medication Management, MU Expert Says
Speed Bumps Could Be A New Way To Help Diagnose AppendicitisThe Dark Side Of Kerosene Lamps: High Black Carbon Emissions
Study Estimates Prevalence Of Pediatric Caustic Ingestion InjuriesPharmacy Researcher Finds Most Popular Weight-Loss Drug Strongly Alters Other Drug Therapies
New Guidelines Can Improve Treatment For Severe Heart Attack PatientsDrug Helps Women Who Stop Smoking Keep Weight Off
Radio Waves To Kidneys Lower Persistent High Blood PressureOverweight Pregnant Women Not Getting Proper Weight-Gain Advice
Rationing Soft Drink Sizes: A Good Public Health MoveMother's Vitamin D Level Linked To Birth Weight
Physicians Should Not Prescribe ADD Drugs To Healthy PeopleAlcohol Pricing Policies Save Lives And Increase Profits, Experts Say
Worries About Dementia How Hospitalization Affects The ElderlyMetformin Improves Blood Glucose Levels And BMI In Very Obese Children
Even The Smallest Stroke Can Damage Brain Tissue And Impair Cognitive FunctionIn Vitro Study Finds Digested Formula, But Not Breast Milk, Is Toxic To Cells
Community-Based Nutrition Education Shown To Be Successful In Increasing Calcium IntakeIron Supplements Reduce ADHD In Low Birth Weight Infants
Aerobic Exercise Trumps Resistance Training For Weight And Fat LossSurvey Shows Breakthrough Medical Research Relies Heavily On NIH Funding
Most Coughs Don't Respond To Antibiotics, Study ConfirmsNew Multiple Myeloma Drug Shows Promise In Treating People With Advanced Disease
Long-Term Aspirin Use Linked With Vision Loss: StudyMorning Vs Nighttime Replacement Affects Adverse Events With Extended-Wear Contact Lenses
Intensive Lifestyle Changes Keep Type 2 Diabetes At BayPre-Diabetic Patients Respond To Self-Directed Lifestyle Interventions, Stanford Researcher Says
Giving Plavix Before Angioplasty May Cut Heart Attack Risk: StudyFeeling Lonely Linked To Increased Risk Of Dementia In Later Life
FDA Warns About Misleading Advertising For Some Laser Eye SurgeriesMaintaining Weight Loss As Important As Losing It For Older Women
Survival Tripled For Hospitalized U.S. Kids With Cardiac ArrestPoint-Of-Care Ultrasound Is More Accurate Than The Stethoscope In Diagnosing Pneumonia In Children
Many States Say 'No' To Health Insurance ExchangesStudy Suggests Vision Insurance Associated With Eye-Care Visits, Better Reported Vision
Many Adults With Autism Unhappy With Their Health CareDiabetes Prevention Program Interventions Lead To Reduced BMI Over Usual Care
With Testicular Cancer, CT Scan Benefit May Beat RisksAddition Of Technology To Standard Weight Loss Plan Appears Beneficial For Greater Weight Loss
Shorter Hospital Stays Don't Compromise Care, Study FindsMobile App Boosts Weight Loss By 15 Pounds
Speed Bumps May Aid Appendicitis DiagnosisLow Copays, Mail-Order Pharmacies May Reduce Adherence Disparities To Hypertension Meds
Diabetes Drug May Help Ovarian CancerDepression In Elderly Men Linked To Higher Rates Of Emergency Admissions
Dollarama Takes Two Products Off ShelvesBed Bugs Are Not Repelled By Commercial Ultrasonic Frequency Devices
Exercise Can Extend Lifespan By Five YearsSecond-Hand Smoke Increases Risk Of Invasive Meningococcal Disease In Children
Smoking Bans = Fewer Hospital VisitsPenn-Led Research Suggests A New Strategy To Prevent Or Halt Periodontal Disease
Synthetic Pot Use Can End In HospitalGroup Interaction Among Elderly Is The Key To Significant Health Outcomes
Rising Off The Floor Linked To Longer LifeThe Effect Of Treating Institution On Outcomes In Head And Neck Cancer
Norovirus Up In EnglandExisting Drugs May Help More Breast Cancer Patients
Fatty Food Changes BrainObesity And Overeating During Menopause Together Promote Breast Tumor Growth And Progression
Tipped-Over Furniture, TVs Can KillRegular Exercise May Add Years To Life, Study Finds
Tobacco Companies, 17 States Settle Over PaymentsCommon Heart Drug Might Dampen Some Autism Symptoms
States Scramble To Cover Medicaid Costs, Some Face OverrunsStudy Supports Use Of 'Brain Stents' For Certain Stroke Patients
Diabetes Remission Possible With Diet, ExerciseEliminating Mouth-To-Mouth Boosts CPR Results: Study
Medicaid, Other Costs Threaten New York State And Local Budgets: ReportDon't Bother With Ultrasonic Bedbug Devices
Inherited Colon Cancer Risk Tied To Certain FoodsU.S. Task Force Urges Docs To Counsel Kids Against Smoking
Health Insurance Exchanges Planned By 18 U.S. States: SebeliusFDA OKs Expanded Use Of Prostate Cancer Drug
Draft EU Rules To Open Door To Plain Cigarette PacketsBetter Vision Tied To Health Plans That Cover Eye Exams
Confused By Medication Guides? You're Not AloneCTE: Newly Recognized Brain Disease
EPA Finalizes Stricter Soot Pollution LimitsTreadmill Test Helpful In Evaluating Women
Russian Parliament Votes For Public Smoking BanLeapfrog's Best U.S. Hospitals
US Faces Task Of Running Dozens Of Health ExchangesOrange Vegetables May Reduce Breast Cancer
California Health Officials Sound Alarm Over Hookah SmokingNew Breast Cancer Therapies Improved Survival
California May Cut State Medicaid Reimbursement Rates: CourtFor Obese, Three Meals A Day May Be Best
Therapy Without Drugs May Suffice To Ward Off PsychosisInfluenza Widespread In Eight States
Mental Health Scars Common After Cardiac ArrestAspirin May Help Older Colon Cancer Patients Live Longer
ER Crowding Tied To Higher In-Hospital Death RatesNew Blood Thinner May Help Prevent Leg Clots, Study Finds
Vision Loss Tied To Diabetes On The Rise In U.S.Sleep Apnea Tied To More Brain Damage In Women Than Men
Drug May Aid Sleep Apnea Symptoms At High AltitudeFunding Meals On Wheels Keeps Seniors Independent: Study
Acute Kidney Injuries Up Sharply In U.S.Rule Changes May Be Best Way To Curb Hockey Injuries
When Antidepressants Don't Work, Give Counseling A TryBrain Changes May Make Older People More Prone To Scams
Just Lowering Fat Intake Can Shed Pounds, Study FindsFDA Seeks End Of Lawsuit Over Delayed Food Safety Rules
Paradox Of Aging: The Older We Get, The Better We Feel?Study Finds Pattern In Brain Injuries Linked To Contact Sports
UC Davis Study Shows That Treadmill Testing Can Predict Heart Disease In WomenHormone Disorder And The Pill Tied To Blood Clots
Autistic Adults Report Significant Shortcomings In Their Health CareYellow Fever Outbreak Kills 164 In Sudan's Darfur: WHO
Eating Fewer, Larger Meals May Prove Healthier For Obese Women, MU Research SuggestsDiabetes May Be Linked To Hearing Loss: Study
Tamoxifen Trial Should Prompt Breast Cancer Patients To Reconsider Treatment OptionsSupreme Court To Review Lawsuits Over Flaws In Generic Drugs
UT MD Anderson Study Finds Link Between Statins And Improved Survival In Inflammatory Breast CancerAustralia's Tobacco Marketing Laws Give Retailers A Headache
New Evidence For Epigenetic Effects Of Diet In Healthy AgeingDrug, Alcohol Abuse Tied To Early-Life Strokes: Study
Experts Show That Diets Lower In Fat Lead To Reductions In Weight And BMINew Guidelines Urge Limiting Endoscopy For GERD
Women With Higher Carotenoid Levels Have Reduced Risk Of Breast CancerBullied Teens May Suffer Lingering Trauma
Bilirubin Can Prevent Damage From Cardiovascular DiseaseTeen Girls Who Smoke May Up Risk For Future Bone Disease
Scientists Discover Mechanism That Could Reduce ObesityStudy Supports Link Between Stress, Epileptic Seizures
Cycling Safer Than Driving For Young PeopleHeavy Smokers Cut Back The Most When Cigarette Taxes Rise: Study
Patients With Severe Back Pain Who Quit Smoking Report Less Pain Than Patients Who Continue To SmokeFractures Take High Toll On High School Athletes
New Poll Shows US Public Supports Continued Investment In Federal Nutrition Assistance ProgramFlu Season Arrives Early And It Could Be Severe: CDC
Widely Used Sedatives/Sleeping Pills Linked To Increased Fatal Pneumonia RiskDespite FDA Warning, Sports Supplements Still Available Online: Study
EPO Doping In Elite Cycling: No Evidence Of Benefit, But High Risk Of HarmU.S. Quit-Smoking Policies Need Improving, Experts Say
Smoking May Worsen Hangover After Heavy DrinkingHealthy Diet May Prevent Additional Heart Trouble
Treat Snoring To Avoid Deadly Heart FailureU.S. Influenza Took Sharp Increase
Telestroke Cost Effective For HospitalsExpert: Whooping Cough Vaccines Effective
Fish Oil Helps Heal Bed Sores Of The Critically IllACE Inhibitors May Help With Heart Failure
Study: Parents Key To Preventing Alcohol, Marijuana Use By KidsHospital Rooms Can Be Bacteria Reservoirs
New Evidence On How Compound Found In Red Wine Can Help Prevent CancerWide Variety Of Alternative Milks Available
Could High Insulin Make You Fat? Mouse Study Says YesUSC Gets Grant To Supply Child Dental Care
Genetic Data Shows That Skin Cancer Risk Includes More Than UV ExposureHigh Fructose Consumption, Higher Diabetes
Teen Smoking Decreases Bone Accumulation In Girls, May Increase Osteoporosis RiskOmega-3 Fortified Milk May Help Heart
Declining Air Pollution Levels Continue To Improve Life Expectancy In USU.K. Whooping Cough Cases Jump
Women With Sleep Apnea Have Higher Degree Of Brain Damage Than Men, UCLA Study ShowsStudy: Too Many Marathons Can Kill
Listen Up, Doc: Empathy Raises Patients’ Pain ToleranceMost Happy With Health Insurance Cost
Awareness Is Key To Preventing Heat- And Cold-Induced Athletic InjuriesSharp Spike In Computer-Related Injuries Predicted For Medical Workers, Find Studies
MRI Technique Predicts Concussion RecoveryMayo Study: Common Diabetes Drug May Treat Ovarian Cancer
Group Warns Of Carcinogen In Baby ProductsFood Allergies? Pesticides In Tap Water Might Be To Blame
Healthy Diet Reduces 2nd Heart Attack RiskRules Limiting Aggression Should Reduce Hockey Injuries
Stomach Flu May Survive Restaurant WashingBrain And Nervous System Damaged By Low-Level Exposure To Organophosphate Pesticides
Multiple Media Use Linked To DepressionInternational Study Points To Inflammation As A Cause Of Plaque Buildup In Heart Vessels
Longer Tamoxifen Treatment More EffectiveSurprising Results From Study Of Non-Epileptic Seizures
More Than 650,000 In Britain Had NorovirusSteroid Injection Linked With Significant Bone Loss In Postmenopausal Women Treated For Back Pain
Counting Bites May Help To Lose WeightVitamin D Tied To Women’s Cognitive Performance
Survey Shows Lack Of Food A Big IssuePeople Not Hooked On Fish Could Get Omega-3 Through Fortified Milk
Don't Take Medication In Front Of ToddlersWhen Eating For Two Becomes A Weighty Issue
N.Y. Hospital Infection Rate DownConcussion And Its Association With Contact Sports
60 Percent Of U.S. Hasn't Gotten Flu ShotMore Neurologists And Neurosurgeons Are Associated With Fewer Deaths From Strokes In The US
U.S. Flu Season Starts EarlyObese Children More Vulnerable To Food Advertising
Many On Medicare Get Too Many TestsAs Cigarette Taxes Go Up, Heavy Smoking Goes Down
For Aggressive Breast Cancer, Chemo May Work Better In The YoungHelmets Do Save Lives On The Slopes, Research Shows
Consider Weight When Choosing Blood Pressure Meds: StudyTo Get More Fit, Find A Stronger Workout Partner
Chemo May Extend Survival After Breast Cancer's ReturnMost Seniors Get A Good Night's Sleep, Study Says
Study Reveals Why Elderly Often Vulnerable To ScamsPossible Affordable Care Act Glitch: Too Few Doctors
Cleaner Air In U.S. Boosting Life Expectancy, Study FindsWhen To Worry About Your Child's Fever
Thinking You Ate A Lot May Help You Feel FullMental Illness Affects 1 In 5 U.S. Adults, Survey Finds
Antiseptic Products Can Be Contaminated: StudyRats May Also Feel 'Placebo Effect,' Study Suggests
Sedatives May Raise Pneumonia RiskEven Women Who Exercise Sit Too Much
10 Years Of Tamoxifen Better Than 5: StudyMake Sure Toys You Buy Are Safe For Tots
Is a Breath Test For Colon Cancer Possible?Despite More 'Healthy' Options, Little Change In Fast-Food Calorie Counts
Study: Treating Sleep Disorder May Thwart Heart DiseaseTreat Nutrition And Cancer Research Cautiously: Study
Asthma Symptoms May Vary During Menstrual CycleMedicare Emerging As Prime Target In U.S. "Fiscal Cliff" Talks