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Monday, September 30, '13


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Vegetarianism May Cut Heart Disease Risk By Third: StudyPregnant Women Should Get Whooping Cough Shot: CDC
Non-Drug ADHD Treatments Don't Pan Out In StudyPlacebo As Good As Most Drugs For Kids' Migraines
Antidepressants Celexa, Lexapro Tied To Irregular Heartbeat: StudyCan Pneumonia Be Reliably Diagnosed Without X-Rays?
CDC Ranks Foods Most Likely To Make Americans SickScientists Win 2 Billion Euros To Fight Brain Disease, Study Graphene
Too Few Adults Get Recommended Vaccines: CDCHigh Doses Of Folic Acid Don't Raise Cancer Risk: Study
Global Warming Linked To Worse Flu SeasonsCar Commuters Gain More Weight
Using GPS With Dementia Patients EffectiveInsurers Tally Flu's Costs As U.S. Epidemic Continues
Heart Disease Linked To Brain ImpairmentU.S. Mental Health Experts Urge Focus On Childhood Screening
U.S.: Contaminated Food Makes 1-In-6 SickSwine Flu Infected 1 In 5, Death Rate Low, Study Shows
Deep-Fried Food Ups Prostate Cancer RiskRussian Anti-Smoking Bill Backed By Lawmakers
Undercooked Eggs Pose Salmonella ThreatHepatitis C Linked To Ink
Behavioral Therapy Effective For SADExercise Tied To Better Colon Cancer Survival Odds
Hearing Loss Accelerates Brain DeclineDiabetics Found To Underuse Special Footwear
Cuomo: N.Y. To Be First To Address SepsisDavos Divided On Tackling The Scourge Of Obesity
Hypothermia Can Occur In 40 Degrees FClearer Food Labels Might Help With Healthy Food Choice: Study
Norovirus Spread Via Food, Hands, SurfacesFDA Ppproves New Use For Roche's Avastin In Colon Cancer Treatment
Fitness Helps Endometrial Cancer SurvivalChanging Food Labels Could Boost Understanding
Hand Sanitizers Won't Kill NorovirusU.S. Foes Of Legal Pot Focus On Risks To The Brain
Cellphones Teeming With GermsBird Flu Studies, Halted Over Terrorism Fear, To Resume
Flu Patients Use Artificial Lungs To HealRegular Aspirin Use Tied To Age-Related Vision Loss
Hypertensive Blacks Not Given DiureticsLimited Impact On Child Abuse From Visits, Intervention: Study
Many Favor Cutting Nicotine In CigarettesMelamine Tableware May Leach Chemical: Study
U.S. Obesity Rate Stable In 2012Nearly Half Of U.S. Children Late Receiving Vaccines
Brain Metabolic Rate May Gauge Injury RiskFlu-conomics: The Next Pandemic Could Trigger Global Recession
Children Can Generate New Heart CellsBreathing Program May Help Save Newborns' Lives
Down Syndrome Raises Risk Of DementiaSmoke-Free Laws Linked To Drop In Child Asthma Attacks
Better Air Quality = Longer LifespanSnowboarding Linked To Injury Rate Rise On Slopes: Study
Herbal Therapies Recommended For MenopauseFlu In U.S. Still Widespread, But Starting To Ease, CDC Says
Flu In Europe Widespread, IncreasingBotox OK'd By U.S. FDA To Treat Overactive Bladder
CDC: Elderly Have Two Types Of Flu ShotIs Driving OK With Certain Age-Related Blind Spots?
CDC: Keep Safe While Keeping WarmNewborn Screening Misses Some Deaf Kids: Study
Parents Not That Worried About Pain DrugsU.S. Faces Drug Shortages In Treating Multidrug-Resistant TB
Vitamin D Lack Linked To Cancer GrowthBlack, Poor Kids Are Heavy Sugary Drink Consumers
Gatorade Removes Brominated Vegetable OilWait To Remove Kids' Infected Adenoids: Study
Diet, Preschool, Reading May Boost IQWhole Body Vibration May Help Elderly Get Up And Go
Seniors: Extra Care, Hygiene In Flu SeasonAll-Metal Hip Implants Can Damage Soft Tissue: FDA
Flu Waning In The South, Rising In WestGovernors In 22 States Back Expanded Medicaid Plan
Excessive Alcohol Use When You're Young Could Have Lasting Impacts On Your BrainU.S. States Need To Do More To Reduce Smoking: Study
Vegetarianism Can Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease By Up To A ThirdFlu Vaccine Not Linked To Fetal Death
Good Mood Helps Boost Brain Power In Older AdultsChecklists May Help Avoid Surgery Oversights: Study
Indoor Air Puts Chinese Women Nonsmokers At RiskVaccine Timetable For Children Is Safe, Experts Say
Study Finds That People With Cystic Fibrosis Who Live In Deprived Areas Have Worse HealthSkin Cancer Phone Apps Aren't Very Accurate: Study
Center-Based Child Care: Long Hours Do Not Cause Aggression And DisobedienceDengue Is Fastest-Spreading Tropical Disease, WHO Says
Virginia Tech Expands Sports Concussion-Risk Studies To Include Hockey And BaseballNo Exercise, More Than Lying Around, Tied To Fat In Kids
Study Supports Heart Rhythm Problems With Some AntidepressantsOpioid Painkillers Tied To Driving Injuries
Telephone Physiotherapy Reduces Waiting Times And Provides Equally Good Patient ResultsCaffeine Linked To Leaky Bladder In Men
British 'Stiff Upper Lip' May Prevent Early Presentation For Cancer SymptomsAre E-Visits As Good As Office Appointments?
Mass. General Study Clarifies Antidepressant Contribution To Arrhythmia RiskCoughs Take Longer To Clear Up Than People Think: Study
Could The Timing Of When You Eat, Be Just As Important As What You Eat?Some Docs Screen For Prostate Cancer Without Asking
Erection Problems A Red Flag For 'Silent' Heart Disease And Early DeathCoca-Cola To Air U.S. Commercials Addressing Obesity
Diabetes Drug Could Hold Promise For Lung Cancer PatientsDrug Overdoses Top AIDS As Main Cause Of Homeless Deaths
Study: Taking Stairs, Raking Leaves May Equal A Trip To The GymOffice Reminders Help Limit Unnecessary Antibiotics
Injecting Botox Into Stomach Does Not Promote Weight LossPedestrian Safety Program Prevents Student Injuries
Skin, Soft Tissue Infections Succumb To Blue LightLate Lunch May Mean Less Weight Loss
Study Shows Climate Change Could Affect Onset And Severity Of Flu SeasonsCan Brightly Colored Fruits, Veggies Protect Against ALS?
Study Finds Eating Deep-Fried Food Is Associated With An Increased Risk Of Prostate CancerWhooping Cough Vaccine For Pregnant Women Among New Recommendations
Some Health Benefits Of Berries May Not Make It Past Your Mouth1 In 5 Hospital Docs Reports 'Unsafe' Workloads: Study
Fewer People Adding Salt At The TableNo Proof Drugs Ease Kids' Migraines: Study
Majority Of Americans Support Dozens Of Policies To Strengthen US Gun LawsFried Foods May Boost Prostate Cancer Risk, Study Says
Could An Earlier Lunchtime Help You Lose Weight?More Evidence Ties Heart Disease To Mental Decline
More Adults Need Vaccines, And Not Just For Flu: Centers For Disease Control And PreventionPET Scans Helpful, But Not Definitive For Alzheimer's Diagnosis
No Higher Risks After Heavy Postpartum BleedingPoll Finds Broad Support For Tougher Gun Laws
Salmonella Linked To Ground Beef Sickens 16: Centers For Disease Control And PreventionSupplement Reduces Risk Of Diabetes In Pregnancy
First-Ever Guidelines Issued For Treating Type 2 Diabetes In KidsAbout 45 Percent Of U.S. Kids Get Flu Shot
For Early Cancer, Lumpectomy Beats Mastectomy For Survival: StudyU.S. Food Fraud May Be Iceberg's Tip
Lighter Sleep May Dull Memory Skills In SeniorsSouth Tops U.S. In Mental Health Meds Use
FDA Approves 3 New Drugs For Type 2 DiabetesScheduling Can Improve Doctor Wait Times
FDA Panel Votes For Tougher Curbs On Vicodin, Other PainkillersMobile App Ups Elderly Drug Adherence
Flu Still At Epidemic Levels: CDCFlu High In Norway, Iceland
Smoking Still Takes A Heavy Toll In U.S., CDC FindsVitamin D May Be A Breast Cancer Therapy
Lead Levels Down In U.S. Kids, But Asthma Cases Rising: EPAPatients With Stroke Linked To Depression
Checklist For Winter Sports SafetyEye Disease May Be Linked To Aspirin Use
Higher Fruit, Veggie Intake Tied To Lower Risk Of A Tough-To-Treat Breast CancerLoneliness Corrodes Health
Chronic Heartburn Could Spur Asthma In Some PatientsN.Y. State's Top Employer Is Healthcare
ER Visits Linked To ADHD Meds Up SharplyFew Drivers Carry Emergency Items In Trunk
Quitting Smoking Before Cancer Surgery Best, Study FindsAsthma Drops After Public Smoking Ban
Common Painkillers Tied To Kidney Risks For Children: StudyIn NYC, Obesity In Preschoolers Down
Phone And Mailed Interventions Significantly Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening RatesMost Food Service Workers Get No Sick Days
Better Survival Rates Seen With Lumpectomy Compared With Mastectomy For Early Breast CancerBroad Approach Urged To Curb Gun Violence
Less Invasive Treatment Is Associated With Improved Survival In Early Stage Breast CancerAfter Flu Shot, Hand Washing Best Defense
Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Most Important Indicators Of Heart Disease Risk In DiabeticsRule Enhances Patient's Privacy
Cows Fed Flaxseed Produce More Nutritious Dairy Products, Says OSU StudyCDC: U.S. Halfway Through Flu Season
Common Anti-Fever Medications Pose Kidney Injury Risk For Children'Engaged' Workers Healthier, Productive
Daily Antiseptic Baths Slash Risk Of Bloodstream Infections In Critically Ill ChildrenCDC: Manufacturers Making More Flu Vaccine
Emotional Stress Reduces Effectiveness Of Prostate Cancer Therapies In Animal ModelGuinea Worm Close To Eradication
Low Vitamin D Levels Linked To High Risk Of Premenopausal Breast CancerFDA: Spot Shortages For Flu Drug Tamiflu
Fetal Exposure To Tributyltin Linked To Obesity In Offspring And Subsequent GenerationsPhysician Advises How To Avoid Bedbugs
A Blend Of Soy And Dairy Proteins Promotes Muscle Protein Synthesis When Consumed After ExerciseChecklists Can Cut Surgical Complications
Prenatal Inflammation Linked To Autism RiskCDC: Flu In 48 States, May Be Waning
Research: Lupus Drugs Carry No Significant Cncer Risk For PatientsU.S. Cancer Rates Down After 1991 Peak
Don't Ignore The Snore: Snoring May Be Early Sign Of Future Health RisksNew, Faster Flu Vaccine Method Approved
Spotting Fetal Growth Problems Early Could Cut UK Stillbirths By 600 A YearFlu Shot Protects Fetus Of Pregnant Women
Fruit And Vegetable Intake Is Associated With Lower Risk Of ER- Breast CancerU.S. Restaurants Offer High-Calorie Meals
Out-Of-Pocket Costs For Breast Cancer Probably Manageable For Most Canadian WomenStudy: Some With Autism 'Outgrow It'
Newly Approved Oral Medication Slows Rheumatoid Arthritis Joint DamageHealthcare Costs A Drain On Middle-Class
Vaccinating Children Against Rotavirus May Indirectly Protect Adults Too, Study FindsMayo Clinic Ups Care Via Medical Records
Kidney Disease Accounts For Most Of The Increased Risk Of Dying Early Among Diabetics'Surge Plan' Helps Hospitals Cope With Flu
Health And Environment: A Closer Look At PlasticsBoston-Area Colleges Try To Prevent Flu
Oxygen Chamber Can Boost Brain RepairBerries May Reduce Heart Attack Risk
Implementation Of Smoke-Free Legislation Reduces The Number Of Acute Myocardial Infarctions By 11 PercentSalmonella Cause Of Most Foodborne-Illness Outbreaks: CDC
Free Clinics Reduce Emergency Department VisitsExtreme Cold Snap Brings Unexpected Health Risks
Study Shows High Blood Calcium Levels May Indicate Ovarian CancerCDC Researchers Spot Increase In New 'Stomach Bug' Strain
Women Must Do More To Reap Same Positive Health Outcomes As Men, MU Research SuggestsFDA Panel Weighs Tougher Restrictions On Some Prescription Painkillers
Study: Transparent Pricing Doesn't Curb Doctors' Use Of High-Cost Hospital Imaging TestsVaccinating Kids Against Common Gut Bug Helps Shield Adults Too: Study
Caloric Restriction Has A Protective Effect On ChromosomesER Admissions Over Holidays Linked To Higher Death Rates
Experts Believe Plain Packaging Of Tobacco Products Would Cut SmokingWomen's Smoking Deaths At All-Time High In U.S.
Type 1 Diabetes In Urban Children SkyrocketsLongtime Smokers Lose A Decade Of Life
New Study Suggests Many Apples A Day Keep The Blues At BayDrivers Who Multitask Often Overestimate Their Skills
Emergency Admissions Death Toll Significantly Higher On Public HolidaysEat Too Much While Watching TV? Try Taking Smaller Bites
Smoking Cessation More Successful For Cancer Patients Who Quit Before Surgery, Moffitt Cancer Center Researchers Say'Nightcaps' Don't Help You Sleep Better After All
Effect Of Taking Smaller Bites Outweighs Tendency To Eat More When DistractedU.S. Vets With Gulf War Syndrome Need Individualized Treatment: Report
Risk Of Lung Cancer Death Has Risen Dramatically Among Women Smokers In Recent DecadesStudy Links Epilepsy Drug In Pregnancy To Lower IQ
Can Changes In Nutrition Labeling Help Consumers Make Better Food Choices?Hospital Readmissions All Too Common, U.S. Studies Find
A Call To Prevent Unsafe High-Risk Medical Devices From Reaching The MarketplaceToo Much Sitting May Lower Odds Of Surviving Colon Cancer
BPA Substitute Could Spell TroubleBlood Test Might Help Guide Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
TGen, Scottsdale Healthcare Study Shows Drug Combination Extends Pancreatic Cancer Patient SurvivalSigns Of Brain Damage Show Up In Scans of Living, Retired NFL Players
Black Patients With Hypertension Not Prescribed Diuretics EnoughOxygen Therapy Spurs Recovery In Some Stroke Patients
Vitamin D Holds Promise In Battling A Deadly Breast Cancer, SLU Researchers SayObese Drivers May Be More Likely To Die In Car Crashes
Every 40 Seconds A U.S. Stroke OccursOne In Six Cases Of Adult Asthma May Be Linked To Workplace
Babies, Seniors Can Get Hypothermia IndoorsGot The Flu? Rest First, Exercise Later, Experts Say
Dengue Fever Vaccine Shows PromiseMayo Clinic Expert Suggests Proper Techniques For Newborn Bathing And Skin Care Basics
New Norovirus Strain Causing U.S. OutbreakAntibacterial Agent Used In Common Soaps Found In Increasing Amounts In Freshwater Lakes
FDA Approves Colon Cancer Drug ComboChildren With Egg Allergies Can Safely Receive Flu Vaccine, U-M Study Says
Hypertension During Pregnancy Increases Risk Of End-Stage Renal DiseaseCases Of Rare But Deadly Encephalitis Rising Among Kids, Report Finds
Harmful Effects Of Bisphenol A Proved ExperimentallyMigraine Sufferers Stigmatized Because Of Their Condition: Study
Men More Likely Than Women To Commit Scientific FraudFDA Approves New Type Of Flu Vaccine
New Findings On Mortality Of Individuals With SchizophreniaPictures Speak Louder Than Words On Cigarette Labeling
Cleaning Jobs Linked To Asthma RiskBuy Breast Pumps With Caution, FDA Says
Smoke-Free Law Linked To Large Fall In Child Asthma Hospital AdmissionsFetal Deaths Up Among Unvaccinated Moms In H1N1 Pandemic: Study
New Technology Shows DiabetesSurgery Checklists Help OR Teams In A Crisis, Study Finds
Longer CPR Extends Survival In Both Children And AdultsChildhood Vaccine Schedule Is Safe, Report Says
Workplace Link To 1 In 6 Cases Of Adult Asthma Among UK Baby BoomersMultiple Concussions Could Up Depression Risk In Former NFL Players
Obese Much More Likely To Die In Car Crashes Than Normal Weight DriversJust How Severe Is This Flu Season?
Overlooked Ugly Cholesterol Causes Heart DiseaseAirborne Toxins Down, But Overall Pollutant Levels Rising: EPA
Study Finds Childhood Diagnosis Of ADHD Increased Dramatically Over 9-Year PeriodER Visits Linked To Energy Drinks Double: Report
Nearly Half Of Children Under 2 Years Of Age Receive Some Vaccinations LateU.S. Gives States More Time To Set Up Health Insurance Exchanges
Study Suggests Link Between Regular Aspirin Use, Increased Risk Of Age-Related Macular DegenerationMany More Doctors Using Electronic Health Records
Hearing Loss May Be Related To Cognitive Decline In Older AdultsU.S. Minorities Less Likely To Get Colon Cancer Screening: Study
Loneliness, Like Chronic Stress, Taxes The Immune SystemStudy Finds Low Flu Vaccine Rates In U.S. Kids
Which Nutritional Factors Help Preserve Muscle Mass, Strength And Performance In Seniors?Berries May Cut Heart Attack Risk In Women, Study Says
Stroke Survivors With PTSD More Likely To Avoid TreatmentMany People Underestimate How Long A Cough Should Last
In Minutes A Day, Low-Income Families Can Improve Their Kids' HealthFast Food Tied To Asthma, Eczema And Hay Fever In Kids
Study Findings Have Potential To Prevent,Reverse Disabilities In Children Born PrematurelyHeavy Smoking May Raise Odds For Lethal Bladder Cancer
Botox Beats Steroids For Painful Foot Condition, Plantar FasciitisSafer Roads Near Schools May Mean Fewer Kids Struck By Cars
Irregular Heart Beat Elevates Risk Of Kidney FailureThigh Is Safer Vaccination Site Than Arm For Toddlers, Study Finds
New UAlberta Research Shows Commonly Prescribed Medications Could Have Adverse EffectsFlu Widespread In 47 States, Vaccine 'Moderately' Effective: CDC
Lack Of Key Enzyme In The Metabolism Of Folic Acid Leads To Birth DefectsSnowboarding Tops List Of Winter-Sports Injuries
New Insights Into The 'Borderline Personality' BrainDepressed Stroke Survivors May Face Higher Early Death Risk
Critically Ill Flu Patients Saved With Artificial Lung Technology Treatment Normally Used For Lung Transplant PatientsCancer Society Suggests CT Lung Screening For Heavy Smokers
Dietary Shifts Driving Up Phosphorus UseSafe Ways To Relieve Your Young Child's Flu Symptoms
Guided Care Provides Better Quality Of Care For Chronically Ill Older AdultsSteps You Can Take To Protect Yourself From The Flu
Fighting Sleep: UGA Discovery May Lead To New Treatments For Deadly Sleeping SicknessWinter Holds Many Hazards For Seniors, Expert Warns
Amputations Among People With Diabetes Can Be Reduced By 50 PercentProviding Physical Therapy In ICU Helpful
Potential New Treatment For Gastrointestinal Cancers DiscoveredBetter Flu Vaccines Needed But Costly
Gastric Banding An Effective Long-Term Solution To ObesityCalif. Dodging Flu, But Maybe Not Forever
Pandemic Vaccination Did Not Increase Risk Of Foetal DeathMost Adults Don't Wash Hands Long Enough
As Colorectal Cancer Gets More Aggressive, Treatment With Grape Seed Extract Is Even More EffectiveStomach Flu An Epidemic In France
New Research Finds Slower Growth Of Preterm Infants Linked To Altered Brain DevelopmentNYC Hospitals Get New Opioid Guidelines
Risk Factors Identified For Prolonged Sports Concussion SymptomsFlu Vaccines Available But Harder To Find
Mayo Clinic: Skin Problems, Joint Disorders Top List Of Reasons People Visit DoctorsSeasonal Affective Disorder, Winter Blues?
Promising New Finding For Therapies To Treat Persistent Seizures In Epileptic PatientsHumidity Cause For Influenza Peak?
Development Of The First Way To Make Large Amounts Of Promising Anti-Cancer SubstanceBreast Cancer Screenings Questioned
Checklists In Operating Rooms Improve Performance During CrisesNY: 4 Times As Many Flu Cases As Last Year
H1N1 Flu Shots Are Safe For Pregnant WomenWIC's NY Healthier Food = Kid Weight Loss
Vaccination Responsible For Dramatic Fall In Salmonella InfectionsFDA Advises Cut In Ambien Dose
COPD Patients At Risk Of Dangerous Bacterial InfectionsInfluenza, Not The Only Illness Spreading
Inaccurate Diagnoses Of Melanoma By Smartphone Apps Could Delay Doctor Visits, Life-Saving TreatmentCDC: Use Anti-Viral Medication For Flu
Surgical-Site Infections May Increase Risk Of Deadly Blood Clots After Colorectal SurgeryWebsite Helps Smokers Quit
New Study Finds Malaria, Typhoid -- Not Ebola -- Biggest Health Threat For Travelers To TropicsWeight Watchers Best Commercial Diet
Loneliness May Take A Physical TollAmericans Die Sooner, Suffer More Than Others From Illness, Injury
'Microbeads' May Boost Survival In Advanced Colon Cancer PatientsBoston Declares Public Health Emergency
48 States Now Report Flu Activity, Elderly Hit HardSweetened Diet Drinks Linked To Increase Risk Of Depression
Businesses Should Plan For Flu Disruptions, Doctor SaysAbout 60 Percent Don't Get Flu Shot, But It is Not Too Late
Immune-Boosting Foods May Add To Flu DefenseSurge In Influenza Overwhelming Chicago Hospitals
FDA Gives Nod To Botox To Treat Overactive BladderAlcohol Use, Binge Drinking Linked To 23,000 U.S. Female Deaths
How To Tell If Your Child Is Too Sick For School: ExpertRadon Causes More Deaths Than Drunken Driving
Winter Sports Safety: Preparation Is KeyU.S. Cancer Rates Still Declining In Men And Women
High Medical Bills Driving Some Americans To Extreme MeasuresNew York's Premature Birth Rate Drops
Tips To Keep Kids Safe, Warm During WinterBoost Brain Fitness To Prevent Dementia
Wound Infections From Colon Surgery May Raise Risk For Blood ClotsProtein Early In The Day Keeps Fat Away
Hockey Rule Changes Could Cut Player Aggression, InjuriesN.Y. Has Plan To Reduce Cancer Deaths
Uncontrolled Risk Factors Put Stroke Survivors In DangerFlu Increasing In Europe, More 2009 H1N1
U.S. Cancer Death Rates Have Dropped 20 Percent Since 1991Healthcare Cost, Quality Link In Doubt
New York Governor Declares Public Health Emergency To Combat FluUSF And VA Researchers Find Long-Term Consequences For Those Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury
Patients Rarely Told About Medication ErrorsHow Prostate Cancer Therapies Compare By Cost And Effectiveness
EMS Strategy Change Gets Heart Patients Faster CareUC Davis Study Links Low Wages With Hypertension, Especially For Women And Younger Workers
FDA Warns On Insomnia Drugs, Suggests Lower DosesHigh BPA Levels In Kids Linked To Risk For Heart, Kidney Damage: Study
U.S. Could Save $2 Trillion On Health Costs - StudyReductions In Wood-Burning Stoves Tied To Lower Death Rates
Fewer Americans Saw Doctors During "Great Recession"Popularity Of 'Walk-In' Retail Health Clinics Growing: Poll
Boston Declares Health Emergency Amid U.S. Flu Outbreak1/3 Of Docs Often Prescribe Brand-Name Drugs Over Generics: Study
Obesity, Lack Of Insurance Cited In U.S. Health Gap
Ancient Pills Found In Shipwreck Offer Rare Insight Into Early Medicine
New Strain Of Norovirus Spreads Around The WorldBreast Milk Contains More Than 700 Bacteria Types: Study
Treatment-Resistant Gonorrhea Threat Rises In North AmericaTime Spent On Malpractice Suits May Take Toll On Doctors
Don't Blame Parkinson's Disease For Addiction: StudyU.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue To Fall: Report
Risks Of Binge Drinking Often Overlooked For Women: U.S. CDCRecession Drove Down Doctor Visits, Study Says
Medicare Spends $1 Billion On Mammograms: StudyU.S. Health Care Spending Now At $2.7 Trillion: Report
Institute Of Medicine To Study U.S. Youth Sports ConcussionsCommon Blood Pressure Drugs Might Lower Dementia Risk
U.S. Doctors Feel Pinch Of Early Flu Season, Push For VaccinationsMeds May Spur Compulsive Behaviors In Some Parkinson's Patients: Study
Many Docs Give In When Patients Want Brand DrugsMenopause Can Bring Lapses In Memory, Thinking, Study Finds
Review Questions Blood Pressure Tests For KidsFDA Proposes New Rules To Strengthen Food Safety
Copying Common In Electronic Medical Records: StudyTips To Avoid Dry Skin During Winter
Link Between Concussions, Dementia Is Complex: StudyNew Food Safety Rules Aim For More Accountability
FDA: Lower Ambien's Dose To Prevent Drowsy DrivingSaturated Fats Tied To Falling Sperm Counts In Danes: Study
Steps You Can Take To Protect Yourself From The FluCopying Common In Electronic Medical Records
Flu Tightens Its Grip On U.S.Walking Linked To Fewer Strokes In Women
Which Hospital Patients Need Drugs To Prevent Gastrointestinal Bleeding?Many People Unaware Of Radiation Risk From CT Scans
Mother-to-Be's Pollen Exposure May Boost Asthma Risk In BabyLink Between Health Care Spending, Quality Unclear
Prescription Painkillers Trail Only Marijuana In Abuse Rates, Report ShowsAntidepressants Don't Raise Stillbirth Risk: Study
FDA Urges Studies On Safer Formulations Of Narcotic PainkillersUK Norovirus Sickness Cases Reach Over 1.1 Million
U.S. Efforts To Boost Number Of Primary Care Doctors Have FailedMore Evidence For "Obesity Paradox"
Fewer U.S. Patients Getting Weight Counseling From DoctorsUC Davis Study Links Low Wages With Hypertension, Especially For Women And Younger Workers
IUD Might Ease Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Study SuggestsNo Need For Routine Repeated CT Scans After Mild Head Trauma, Reports Neurosurgery
After Hospital Discharge, Other Ills May Land Seniors Back In AgainCholesterol Medicine Affects Energy Production In Muscles
Passive Smoking Link To DementiaFor Those Short On Time, Aerobic, Not Resistance, Exercise Is Best Bet For Weight, Fat Loss
Researchers Reveal Most Effective Treatment For Common Kidney DisorderPromising Compound Restores Memory Loss And Reverses Symptoms Of Alzheimer's
Disappearing Bacterium May Protect Against StrokeImaging Study Examines Effect Of Fructose On Brain Regions That Regulate Appetite
BPA Linked To Potential Adverse Effects On Heart And KidneysHydrogen Peroxide Vapor Enhances Hospital Disinfection Of Superbugs
Mayo Clinic: Two-Drug Combination May Slow Deadly Thyroid CancerFlu Cases Rise Across U.S., Severe Season Feared
Weight Counseling Decreases Despite Rise In ObesityBrain Injury Doesn't Raise Dementia Risk For Most: Study
Obesity Drops Among Children Enrolled In NY State WIC Nutrition ProgramImplanted Heart Devices Have Real-World Benefits: Study
Study Finds Flame Retardant Pollutants At Far-Flung LocationsYounger Women Start To Follow Pap Test Guidelines: CDC
New Research May Explain Why Obese People Have Higher Rates Of AsthmaMany Americans Drive While Drowsy: Report
Triple Mix Of Blood Pressure Drugs And Painkillers Linked To Kidney ProblemsBetter Work Environment May Cut Hospital Readmission Rates
Lung Cancer Patients Live Longer If They Use Beta-Blockers While Receiving RadiotherapyNew Pills Show Promise For Hepatitis C
Most Physicians Do Not Meet Medicare Quality Reporting RequirementsClearing Up The Confusion On When To Get A Pap Test
US Cancer Death Rates Continue To Decline, National Report FindsFlu Appears Early In Canada, Many Ill
Electronic Health Records With Technical Assistance Can Improve Patient Care In New York CityDrowsy Driving Can Be Deadly
Obese Moms Risk Having Babies With Low Vitamin DFEMA Advises Getting An Emergency Kit
AMSSM Issues Position Statement On Sport-Related ConcussionsCholesterol Drug May Fight Malaria Effects
Timely Reminders Boost Childhood Immunizations RatesStudy: A Few Extra Pounds Help You Survive
Study Provides Guidance For Use Of Acid-Suppressive Medications In Hospital PatientsSome Don't Take Generic Due To Color
Peanut Therapy Shows Promise In Treating Peanut AllergyDepression Linked To Impairment, Dementia
Why Do Age-Related Macular Degeneration Patients Have Trouble Recognizing Faces?Is Fructose Making People Fat?
Pollen Exposure During Pregnancy Affects Child's Risk Of Early AsthmaCould Being a Little Overweight Help You Live Longer?
High Salt Intake Linked To Social InequalitiesPeople May Skip Generic Pills If Color Differs From Brand-Name Drug
Major Cuts To Surging CO2 Emissions Are Needed Now, Not Down The Road, Study FindsPrenatal Antidepressants Don't Raise Fetal, Infant Death Risk: Study
Costly Breast Cancer Screenings Don't Add Up To Better OutcomesMany Physicians Often Fulfill Patient Requests For Brand-Name Drugs Instead Of Equivalent Generics
Can Blood Pressure Drugs Reduce The Risk Of Dementia?Protein Essential For Healthy Eyes Described By Hebrew University, US Researchers
Study Uncovers Protein Key To Fighting And Preventing ObesityCounting The Cost Of Mercury Pollution
Most-Used Diabetes Drug Works In Different Way Than Previously ThoughtObesity In Girls Tied To Higher Multiple Sclerosis Risk