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Monday, September 30, '13

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Addictive Gaming More Common With Autism And ADHDBreastfeeding Duration Linked To Higher Intelligence Later
Older Adults' Anemia Linked To Dementia RiskWays To Prevent Illness From Cyclospora On Food
Nudged By Hospitals, More U.S. Moms Are Breastfeeding: CDCCyclospora Stomach Illness Linked To Salad Mix In Iowa, Neb.
Fertility Therapy Not Tied To Later Heart ProblemsU.S. Spends $86 Billion Per Year On Back Pain, Most Does No Good
For Surgery, Big And Famous Hospitals Aren't Always The BestPeople Obese Their Whole Lives May Have Higher Heart Risk
Bloomberg's Ban On Big Sodas Is Unconstitutional: Appeals CourtNearly A Quarter Of African-Americans Will Die Of Heart Disease
Print, Web Aids Help Men Decide On Cancer ScreeningExperts Recommend Yearly Lung Screening For Older Smokers
Kids' Asthma More Likely To Linger With Pet AllergiesMocking Those Overweight Only Makes Them Fatter
Siblings Of Disabled Kids May Have Problems FunctioningKids Should Always Wear Life Jackets On Boats
Home Distance From Benzene Sites Linked To Lymphoma RiskPoor Moms Stressed By Running Out Of Diapers
Breastfeeding Tied To Kids' IntelligenceBoys With Autism Spend Much More Time Playing Video Games
Back Pain Treatment Often Not In Line With GuidelinesHard Candy The Leading Cause Of Choking In Small U.S. Children
Choking On Food Common Among U.S. Kids: StudyDrive To Save Bone Marrow Registry
FDA Warns On Vitamin Supplement Containing Steroids, Cites RisksNever Too Late To Get Fit To Protect Against Heart Failure
U.S. FDA Proposes Food Companies Verify Safety Of ImportsSix Procedures Could Reduce Heart Failure Readmissions
Regular Wound Cleaning Tied To Faster HealingUltraviolet Sunlight, Household Chores Can Put Eyes At Risk
Americans With Irregular Heartbeats To Double: StudyHHS Provides Online Health Assessment For Hepatitis B Or C
Weedkillers Tied To Depression In FarmersThe Taller A Postmenopausal Woman, The Greater Risk Of Cancer
Blood Pressure Swings Could Be Linked To Mental Decline: StudyBreaking A Sweat While Working Out Helps Reduce Stroke Risk
How Many Extra Calories Add Up To Obesity For Kids?FDA: Too Much Acetaminophen Can Cause Liver Damage
One In Five Kids May 'Outgrow' AsthmaU.S. Expert Devises Heart Attack Prevention Checklist
Siblings Of Disabled Kids May Show Emotional EffectsOlder Frequent Binge Drinkers More Apt To Have Insomnia
Kids With Autism Benefit From Early Intervention, Regardless Of MethodTreatment Can Reduce Heart Attack Risk By 75 Percent
Diabetes Testing Strips Recalled For Potential False ReadingsMedical Marijuana May Be Making Some Patients Sicker
Stomach Bug Outbreak Spreads To More States: CDCMost Nations Have Constitutional Right To Healthcare, Not U.S.
In Mice, Diabetes Drug Metformin Tied To Longer, Healthier LivesCan Some Women Safely Skip Breast Surgery?
U.S. Panel Backs Routine Lung CT Scans For Older, Heavy SmokersDocs Order Too Many Narcotics, Pricey Scans For Back Pain: Study
Breast-Fed Baby May Become Higher-IQ Child, Study SuggestsDiabetes Doesn't Seem To Affect Alzheimer's Disease Progression
Common Blood Pressure Drugs May Help Slow DementiaWant To Stick With Your Diet? Better Have Someone Hide The Chocolate
Skipping Breakfast May Not Lead To Weight Gain After AllLarge Study Reveals Increased Cancer Risks Associated With Family History Of The Disease
Taller Women May Face Higher Cancer Odds After Menopause, Study SuggestsMaternal Smoking During Pregnancy Associated With Offspring Conduct Problems, Study Suggests
U.S. Health Officials Still Tracking Source Of Stomach Bug Outbreak'Weightism' Increases Risk For Becoming, Staying Obese
Technology Mishaps Behind 1 In 4 Operating Room Errors: StudyStopping Cholesterol Drugs May Be Associated With Increased Risk Of Parkinson's
Breathalyzer Device Tells You When Your Workout Is Burning FatHospital Mammography Recall Rates Higher
Red Wine Supplement May Block Benefits of Exercise In Older MenEstée Lauder Clinical Trial Finds Link Between Sleep Deprivation And Skin Aging
Spinal Surgery Complications More Common In Medicaid Patients: StudyAthletes Need To Be Careful To Monitor Diet, Weight To Maintain Muscle Mass
Hair-Straightening Product May Endanger Stylists, ClientsOptimists Are Better At Regulating Stress
Stigma Overweight People Face Could Spur More Weight GainLoopholes In Health Care Law Could Result In Employee Harassment
FDA Limits Use Of J&J's Nizoral Antifungal Drug On Safety ConcernsStudy: No Link Between Mercury Exposure And Autism-Like Behavior
EU Regulator Finds No New Safety Issues With Diabetes DrugsCannabis Constituent Has No Effect On MS Progression, Study Shows
Cardiac Rehab May Benefit Oldest PatientsNon-Toxic Flame Retardants
Stomach Virus Linked To Produce Sickens 285 People In 11 U.S. StatesMayo Clinic-Led Study: US Physicians, Patients' Best Interests, Health Care Costs
Milwaukee County Reports 27 Cases Of Legionnaire's DiseaseWant To Be Safe? Move To The City. No, Really.
Study Finds Link Between Women's Height And Cancer RiskPhysical Inactivity, Poor Diet And Smoking Linked To Disability In Older Population
C-Sections Take Longer For Obese WomenKidney Stones Associated With Modest Increased Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease In Women, But Not Men
Is Expensive Anesthesia For Colonoscopy Worth It?Survey Assesses Views Of Physicians Regarding Controlling Health Care Costs
Scientists Warn Of Overwhelming Costs Of Mental IllnessNew Research Shows Weight A Factor In Graduate School Admissions
Smoking In Pregnancy Tied To Kids' Conduct ProblemsTAU Research Finds That Breastfed Children Are Less Likely To Develop ADHD Later In Life
Ginseng Supplements Linked To Less Cancer Fatigue82 Percent Of Adults Support Banning Smoking When Kids Are In The Car
Decongestants In Pregnancy Linked To Birth DefectsHealth Risks From Arsenic In Rice Exposed
Epilepsy Drugs In Pregnancy Tied To Kid's DelaysParents' Experiences With Pediatric Retail Clinics Examined
FDA Considers Tightening Rules On Menthol CigarettesNo Benefit Associated With Echocardiographic Screening In The General Population
FDA Warns 15 Companies Over Fraudulent Diabetes Product ClaimsSkipping Breakfast May Increase Coronary Heart Disease Risk
More Evidence Not All Prostate Cancers Need TreatmentPlain Packaging Seems To Make Cigarettes Less Appealing And Increase Urgency To Quit Smoking
Kids With Pediatricians Also Getting Care At ClinicsProgram May Hold Promise For Reducing Avoidable Hospital Readmissions
Australia At Odds With Cigarette Makers Over Plain Packaging ImpactHow To Manage Concussions
Child Injuries From Falling TVs Increasing In U.S.Failure To Destroy Toxic Protein -- Not Buildup Of Protein Itself -- Contributes To Huntington's Disease
Statins For Healthy Men May Save Money: StudyAntioxidants -- Too Much Of A Good Thing?
Lung Cancer Screening Most Useful In High-Risk PeopleStudy Links Mental Illness To Early Death In People With Epilepsy
Bipolar Disorder Tied To Risk Of Disease, Early DeathChinese Herbal Medicines Are Safe And Effective For Vascular Dementia
'Prolonged Exposure' Therapy May Help Vets With PTSDCalcium Linked To Increased Risk Of Heart Disease And Death In Patients With Kidney Disease
For Some, Mild Slips Of Memory May Be Very Early Alzheimer'sIt's Not Just The Heat -- It's The Ozone: Study Highlights Hidden Dangers
'Intelligent' Surgical Knife Can Sniff Out Cancer TissueBright Lights, Safe Cities
Half Of Parents Aware Of CT Scan RisksSkipping Breakfast A Recipe For Heart Disease, Study Finds
NYC Has Largest Farmer's Market Food Stamp Incentive ProgramRoutine Echocardiograms Wouldn't Reduce Heart Events: Study
Smoking During Pregnancy Linked To Child Conduct ProblemsConvenience Steers Parents To Pediatric Retail Clinics, Study Finds
Source Of 275 Cases Of Nasty Stomach Bug Baffles CDCPlain Brown Cigarette Packs May Help Some Smokers Quit: Study
U.S. Areas With A High Well-Being Index Have Lower Heart RiskMoon's Cycle Tied To Heart Surgery Outcomes: Study
Marijuana Use In Adolescence May Cause Permanent Brain HarmEpilepsy Plus Mental Ills Linked To Premature Death, Study Says
Study: Some Hot Sauces From Mexico May Contain LeadSunny Disposition May Shield You From Heart Problems
Itching Can Have Hundreds Of Causes, But Therapies For MostFDA Warns of Sunscreen Spray's Flammability Risk
Food Advocates: Some Reddish Dye In Yogurt Made From BugsEWG: Four Mosquito Repellent Ingredients Effective And Safe
Doctors Write Prescriptions For Locally Grown ProduceRecommended Calorie Information On Menus Not Helpful
Recall: Esbelin Siloutte Te And Esbelin Siloutte Herbal BlendSome Dementia Patients In Britain Wait A Year For Diagnosis
Physicians Say They Don't Have To Be A Part Of Cutting CostsForget Crab Fishermen, U.S. Healthcare Workers Have Most Injuries
Breastfeeding May Lower Risk Of ADHD Later In LifeLawsuit Against Coca-Cola's Vitaminwater Inches Forward
FDA Seeks Comment On Menthol CigarettesChild Obesity Down 1 Percent In Calif., 13 Percent In Miss.
Lung Expert: Written Action Plan Needed For Child With AsthmaResidents Of The U.S. South Of All Races Live Shortest Lives
Some Spray Sunscreens May Ignite If Near A Flame Like A GrillN.Y.: Individual Healthcare Plan Premiums Drop 50 Percent
U.S. Men Who Skip Breakfast May Increase Heart Disease RiskTriple Figure Heat Index Can Cause Heat Stress, Heat Stroke
Poor Sleep, Or A Lack Of Sleep Linked To Skin AgingSmoking And Heavy Drinking Speeds Up Brain Decline
Improving Medicine Acceptance In Kids: A Matter Of TasteBed Rest For At-Risk Pregnant Women May Not Be Necessary
Univ. Of MD Finds That Marijuana Use In Adolescence May Cause Permanent Brain AbnormalitiesAdrenaline Pen Can Be Life Saving, But Many Don't Use It Right
URMC Study Clarifies Surgical Options For Kidney CancerOSHA: Nail Guns Dangerous, Send 37,000 To Hospital ER
Patient Warming Systems May Affect Ventilation In OR, Study SuggestsFor The Elderly To Prevent Fumbling, Move Closer To Object
High Rate Of Early Delirium After Surgery In Older AdultsWalnuts May Help Prevent Or Slow Prostate Cancer
Coping With The Global Scarcity Of Clean WaterDementia Declined Significantly In England, Wales And Denmark
Combining Treatments For People Who Inject Drugs Is The First Step Towards Eliminating Hepatitis CA Quarter Of NYC Adults Ages 18-44 Report Hearing Loss
Cognitive Performance Of Adolescent Girls Who Walk To School Is Better Than That Of Girls Who Travel By Bus Or CarWeight Gain May Be Less About Will Power And More Genetic
Less Colon Cancer Risk With Low-Dose Aspirin Every Other DayChemicals In Carpets, Cosmetics Tied To Thyroid Problems
Study: Delaying Retirement May Slow The Onset Of DementiaStates Boosting Efforts Against Distracted Driving: Report
Growing Antibiotic Resistance 'A Genuine Threat Of Humanity'Black Kids With Diabetes Less Likely To Get Eye Exams
More Than 2 Million Die Yearly From Human-Caused PollutionProstate Cancer Hormonal Therapy Tied To Kidney Risks
Study: U.S. Most Expensive Healthcare, Mediocre OutcomesHalf Of Parents Aware Of CT Scan Risks
FDA Proposed 'Action Level' For Arsenic In Apple JuiceDigital Health Records May Save Some Money: Study
Taste Rules For Kids And Healthy Food ChoicesIt's All About The Roll When Choosing Running Shoes
People With Impaired Glucose Tolerance Can Show Cognitive DysfunctionPost-Op Phone Checkups Save Time And Travel
Vitamins And Minerals Can Boost Energy And Enhance MoodLater Retirement Linked To Lower Risk Of Alzheimer's, Study Shows
Despite Documented Health Benefits, Most Children And Adults Have A “Nutrition Gap” In Omega-3 Fatty AcidsLargest Cancer Gene Database Made Public
Weight Gain Early in Pregnancy Means Bigger, Fatter BabiesLong Term Aspirin Use Tied To Lower Colon Cancer Risk
Chew More To Retain More EnergyScientists Find How 'Obesity Gene' Makes People Fat
Spicing Up Food Can Make Up For Missing FatPast Colon Cancer Tied To Future Cancer Risks
MS Drug Shows Promise For Preventing Heart FailureSlapping, Shoving Tied To Kids' Future Health Problems
Diet Additions May Help Youth With Type 1 Diabetes Keep Producing Own InsulinU.S. FDA Proposes Arsenic Limit In Apple Juice
People With Pre-Diabetes Who Drop Substantial Weight May Ward Off Type 2 DiabetesSurgery May Not Be Better For Spine Fractures
Length Of Time A Young Adult Is Obese Linked With Development Of Silent Heart DiseaseTiming Of First Solid Food Tied To Child Diabetes Risk
Tide Is Turning In Skin Cancer BattleUK Government Delays Decision On Cigarette Branding Ban
Prostate Cancers Are Fewer, Smaller On Walnut-Enriched DietEating Fruits And Vegetables Tied To Longer Life
Chest Radiation Cancer Patients With Risk Factors Should Have CV Screening Every 5-10 YearsAnti-Smoking Australia Prevails In Dry Run Of WTO Dispute
Men Cut Back On Needed Health Care After Switching To High-Deductible Insurance PlansCigarette Pack Warnings, But Not Plain Wrappers: EU Committee
Even Healthy-Looking Smokers Have Early Cell Damage Which Destroys Necessary Genetic ProgrammingAlzheimer's Tied To Less Cancer, And Vice Versa
Highest Risk Alzheimer's Genetic Carriers Take Positive Steps After Learning Risk StatusLess Practice For Surgeons-In-Training After Restrictions
Greatly Increased Risk Of Stroke For Patients Who Don't Adhere To Anti-Hypertensive MedicationMany Pediatricians Still Not Using Interpreters
Use Of ADT For Treatment Of Prostate Cancer Linked With Increased Risk Of Kidney InjuryState Of U.S. Health 'Mediocre': Report
Combination Therapy May Help Improve Rate Of Favorable Neurological Status Following Cardiac ArrestMedicare Plan On Alzheimer's Test Dismays Advocates
Longer Duration Of Obesity Associated With Subclinical Coronary Heart DiseaseSome Tanners Return To The Booth After Skin Cancer
6 Steps Could Cut Heart Failure ReadmissionsGroups Dismayed By Decision Not To Cover Alzheimer's Test
Potential Neurological Treatments Often Advance To Clinical Trials On Shaky Evidence, Study SaysEvidence Lacking On Glaucoma Screening: Panel
The Global Burden Of Sickle Cell Anemia In Young Children Is IncreasingSome Health Websites Share User Search Terms: Study
Fat In Organs And Blood May Increase Risk Of OsteoporosisNearly Half Of Babies Have Flat Skull Spot
Archimedes New Study Shows Health Checks May Lead To Cost Effective Improvements In HealthOne In Four Injured Youth Owns A Gun: Study
Common Autism Supplement Affects Endocrine SystemEasing Into Outdoor Workouts On Sultry Summer Days
RI Hospital Study: Lunar Cycle Affects Cardiac Patients Undergoing Acute Aortic DissectionHerbal Stroke Remedy No Better Than Dummy Pill
Researchers Question Practice Of Automatically Transfusing Large Amounts Of Blood To Trauma PatientsMinorities, Poor Receive Fewer Strong Painkillers
How Cranberries Impact Infection-Causing BacteriaWHO Sets Up Emergency Committee On MERS Virus
Medicaid Patients At Higher Risk Of Complications After Spine SurgeryReported IVF Success Rates Can Be Misleading: Study
Study Reveals New Dietary Risk Factors For Colorectal CancerPeople Eat Less After Harder Workouts: Small Study
Neurotoxicity Of Chemotherapy DrugsThree Million Europeans Catch Infections In Hospital Annually
Electronic Health Records Slow The Rise Of Healthcare CostsOlder Working Women May Be Healthier As A Result
1-Year Mortality Remains High In Patients With Prosthetic Valve EndocarditisKeeping Mentally Busy Tied To Less Memory Loss
Elevated Blood Pressure Increasing Among Children, AdolescentsDrink More Water, Lose More Weight?
Affordable Care Act Could Cause People To Leave Their JobsAntibiotics In Infancy Linked To Eczema
Chinese People May Be At Higher Risk For Stroke Than CaucasiansSome Forms Of IVF Linked To Risk Of Autism, Mental Disability
Undiagnosed Pre-Diabetes Highly Prevalent In Early Alzheimer's Disease StudyHome Blood Pressure Monitoring May Improve Control
Can Supplementing Vitamin D Reduce Infections In Patients From Neurosurgical ICU?Fiber-Rich Grains Tied To Lower Diabetes Risk
Knee Cartilage Repair Technique Shows Improvement In Patient Outcomes And RegenerationSales Reps' Presence Tied To Heart Stent Use: Study
Type Of Helmet, May Not Lower Concussion RiskUnnecessary Repeat Cholesterol Tests Common: Study
Getting Enough ZZZs May Play A Part In Concussion TestingRed Meat Tied To Worse Colon Cancer Outcomes: Study
Living Long And Healthy After 65 Depends On State: CDCCollapsible Hampers Pose Eye Risk For Kids: Doctors
Your Smartphone May Be Making You FatFDA Approves Brain Wave Test For ADHD
Drug Addicts, Dealers Are 'Doctor Shopping' For Pain PillsMore U.S. Kids May Be At Risk For High Blood Pressure
Epilepsy Drugs In Pregnancy Tied To Developmental Delays In ChildrenElectronic Health Records May Slow Rise Of Health-Care Costs
New Drug May Extend Survival For Some Prostate Cancer PatientsBone Marrow Fat May Raise Osteoporosis Risk, Study Says
Highest-Risk Smokers Benefit Most From CT Scan Screening: StudyOnline Self-Tests For Alzheimer's Don't Work: Experts
Homeless Face Hidden Epidemic Of SmokingAspirin Every Other Day May Lower Women's Colon Cancer Risk
Mental Illness Can Shorten Lives, Studies ShowPutting Off Retirement May Help Stave Off Alzheimer's
Memory Worries May Be Early Sign Of Alzheimer'sPhysical Punishment In Childhood Tied To Health Woes As Adults
Smokers' Cell Damage Exists Even If Tests Miss It, Study SaysCancer, Chemo May Lower Alzheimer's Risk, Study Suggests
Too Little Vitamin D May Hasten Disability As You AgeKids Mimic Parents' TV Viewing Habits
Putting Off Retirement May Help Stave Off Alzheimer'sNearly Half Of Sarcoma Surgeries Done By Nonsurgical Oncology Specialists
Diabetes Drug May Protect The BrainConsuming Soy Peptide May Reduce Colon Cancer Metastasis
2 New Alzheimer's Drugs Show Promise In Early StudiesThe Aging Population And Emergency Departments
Early Diabetes Signs Often Missed In Alzheimer's PatientsPatients Who Are Engaged In Their Own Care Are More Likely To Reduce The Risk Of Future Fractures
Concussion Prevention: Pass On Pricey Football Helmets, Study SuggestsSeizures Late In Life May Be An Early Sign Of Alzheimer's Disease
Sleep Affects Concussion-Testing Results, Study FindsHealth-Related Website Search Information May Be Leaked To Third-Party Tracking Entities
FDA Proposes New Limit For Arsenic In Apple JuiceOlder Age Associated With Disability Prior To Death, Women More At Risk Than Men
Just Cutting Back on Smoking May Not Boost Lifespan2 Blood Pressure Drugs Linked To Lower Risk Of Heart Disease In Diabetics
Study: Artificial Sweeteners May Do More Harm Than GoodIrregular Bed Times Curb Young Kids' Brain Power
N.Y. Childbearing Age Women, Children Can Eat 4 Fish Servings Per WeekPoverty Rate Still High Among U.S. Children: Report
Omega-3 Linked To 70 Percent Increase In Prostate Cancer Risk2 Million Deaths A Year Could Be Due To Air Pollution: Study
Affordable Care Act State Exchanges Provide More Than ExpectedTeens Say U.S. Recession Was A Blow to Their Health
Meta-Analysis: Benefits To Delaying Cutting Umbilical CordWest Nile Spraying Safe In Short Term: Study
Those Cheerful, Relaxed Less Likely To Have Heart AttackExperimental Melanoma Vaccine Shows Promise In Study
Expert: Climate Change Or Changing Weather, More Allergic KidsNumber Of Nerve Fibers Near Prostate Tumor Tied to Aggressiveness
Mexico Is World Fattest Nation, United States No. 2Smoking Plus Heavy Drinking May Accelerate Mental Decline
Young Children's Irregular Bedtimes May Stem Brain DevelopmentAfter ACL Surgery, Another Knee Injury Likely, Study Suggests
Eating Fish May Help Kids Improve Their Schoolwork, BehaviorInfant Vaccines Also Protect Seniors Against Pneumonia: Study
Dishwashers An Ideal Environment For Black Yeast-Like FungiLater Clamping Of Umbilical Cord May Benefit Newborns: Study
Factors Influencing Delay In Breast Cancer Treatment Differ For African-American And White WomenSmoggy Days May Raise Your Odds For Burst Appendix
Emergency Physicians Use New Tool To Detect Drug-Seekers In The ERToday's 90-Somethings Seem Sharper Than Predecessors
Vaccinated Children: A Powerful Protection For Older Adults, Vanderbilt Study ShowsU.S. Lagging Other Countries On Many Health Measures
Study Tracks Depression In Seniors, Ethnic GroupsCould Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain?
Toward A Safer Form Of AcetaminophenAlcohol And Antioxidants In Beer May Improve Heart Blood Flow
Combination Of Smoking And Heavy Drinking 'Speeds Up Cognitive Decline'Exercise Changes Brain To Be More Resilient To Stress
Study Confirms Link Between Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Increased Prostate Cancer RiskN.Y. State Police Use Unmarked SUVs To Detect Texting Drivers
Location Of Body Fat Can Elevate Heart Disease, Cancer RiskCrops Watered With Waste Could Affect 'Hundreds Of People'
Later Cord Clamping After Birth Increases Iron Levels In BabiesWHO Calls Emergency Telephone Meetings On SARS-Like Virus
Do Antibiotics In Animal Feed Pose A Serious Risk To Human Health?On Any Day, 1-In-18 Europeans In Hospitals Get An Infection
NHS Facing A 'Deepening Financial Crisis' Says Head Of Health Policy At The BMAResearchers Identify Entirely New Way Cancer Spreads
BMJ Investigation Finds GPs Being Forced To Ration Access To Hospital CareReading, Writing, Brain-Stimulating Activity Help Save Memory
The Allergist Is Listening: 5 Things They Need To Hear, From Your ChildSeniors More Frail, Confused, Dependent After Hospital Visit
Obesity Rises In Nearly All Counties But Americans Becoming More Physically ActiveEye Protection Can Stop A 90 Mph Golf Ball
United States Losing Ground To Other Countries In Health OutcomesMillions In U.S. Ignore State Seat Belt Laws
Kids' Allergies May Correlate With Omega-3, Omega-6 Lipid Levels In Cord BloodMedicaid Expansion Uncertainty Leaves Out Mental Healthcare
The Dark Side Of Artificial SweetenersPainkiller Overdose Deaths Rising Faster Among Women
People With Alzheimer's Disease May Have Lower Risk Of Cancer And Vice VersaTelescopic Contact Lens Developed For Macular Degeneration
Women Suffer Higher Rates Of Decline In Aging And Alzheimer's DiseaseHead Start Intervention Improves Child Behavior
Link Between Low Vitamin D Blood Levels And Heart Disease Varies By RaceRich Grandparents Act As 'Safety Net' For Grandchildren
Don't Worry, Be HealthyExercise, Diet Can Reduce Prostate Cancer Tumor Risk
Infants' Food Linked To Higher, Lower Type 1 Diabetes RiskPenn Study Sheds Light On Why Low-Income Patients Prefer Hospital Care To A Doctor's Office
School Policies Reduce Student Drinking – If They’re Perceived To Be EnforcedMedicaid Programs Vary In Coverage Of Preventive Care, Report Says
Dip, Dip, Hooray -- Kids Eat More Veggies With Flavored DipsFixed Payments Not A Barrier To Quality Of Care In HMOs, Study Finds
Losing Weight Over The PhoneSugar Makes Cancer Light-Up In MRI Scanners
Outdated Practice Of Annual Cervical-Cancer Screenings May Cause More Harm Than GoodNew Study Reveals Important Role Of Insulin In Making Breast Milk
Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Following Coronary Stent Implantation Is Associated With Improved OutcomesDodging Antibiotic Side Effects
Research Examines Differences In Rates Of Cardiac Catheterization Between New York State And OntarioExercise Reorganizes The Brain To Be More Resilient To Stress
Rates Of Major CV Procedures Differ Between Medicare Advantage And Fee-For-Service BeneficiariesPeople's Diets Show A Sugar-Fat Seesaw
Association Of Low Vitamin D Levels With Risk Of CHD Events Differs By Race, EthnicityEpigenetic Changes To Fat Cells Following Exercise
Pre-Eclampsia Poses Cerebral Palsy Risk For Premature And Small BabiesNew Evidence Suggests Impulsive Adolescents More Likely To Drink Heavily
Females Respond Better To Stress Because Of Estrogen, UB Animal Study FindsFirst Comprehensive Regulatory Map Is A Blueprint For How To Defeat Tuberculosis
H7N9 Influenza: History Of Similar Viruses Gives Cause For ConcernOlder Women Who Quit Smoking Can Cut Heart Disease Risk Regardless Of Diabetes Status
US Farm Subsidy Policies Contribute To Worsening Obesity TrendsSingle Men, Smokers At Higher Risk For Oral Human Papillomavirus Infection, Moffitt Cancer Center Study Shows
Physicians Slow To Implement HPV Vaccination And Cervical Cancer Screening GuidelinesBiomarker Predicts Heart Attack Risk Based On Response To Aspirin Therapy
Health Info Exchange: Short-Term Growth, But Long-Term ConcernsDoes Being A Bookworm Boost Your Brainpower In Old Age?
Growth Of Cardiac Services Linked To Competition, Not Improved Patient Care, Study FindsThat Bad Boss May Be Toxic To Your Family, Too
Tobacco Control Measures In India Could Prevent Heart Disease And Stroke DeathsMany Docs Don't Follow HPV/Pap Test Guidelines: Study
Statin Use Linked To Few Side EffectsIrregular Bedtimes May Sap Kids' Brainpower
Women Working Shifts Are At Greater Risk Of Miscarriage, Menstrual Disruption And SubfertilityMany Men Not Told Pros, Cons Of PSA Testing, Survey Finds
Excessive Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Enlarged Brain Size In Infancy Are Potential Biomarkers For AutismDisability Often Goes Hand-In-Hand With Old Age
Your Internet Medical Search Isn't Private, Study FindsUCLA Discovery Sheds Light On Why Alzheimer's Meds Rarely Help
U.S. Hospitals Triple Use Of Electronic Health Records: ReportLong Term Night Shifts Linked To Doubling Of Breast Cancer Risk
Listeria Outbreak Prompts Cheese RecallStudy Examines Out-Of Hospital Stroke Policy At Chicago Hospitals
Depressed Preschoolers Show Brain Changes, Scans FindEarly Childhood Respiratory Infections May Be Potential Risk Factor For Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Cost, Quality, Accessibility Spur Poor to Choose ER CareExercise-Induced Improvements In Glycemic Control And Type 2 Diabetes
As U.S. Population Ages, ER Visits Will LengthenThe Effect On Work Loss Of Different Treatments For Rheumatoid Arthritis
Airport Scanners Pose Little Radiation Risk: ReportHearing Loss From Loud Blasts May Be Treatable, Stanford Researchers Say
Struggles With Motor Skills Compound Social Problems In AutismControlling Blood Pressure, Cholesterol May Significantly Cut Heart Disease Risk
Breast Milk Supply May Be Linked To Insulin Production: StudyCheck Your Summer Burn IQ
Curcumin May Protect Premature Infants' LungsPerils Of Grilling Go Far Beyond Charred Food
Joslin Scientists Find That Salsalate Lowers Blood Glucose In Type 2 DiabetesWomen With Lupus Seem At Higher Risk For Hip Fractures
A Good Night's Sleep Increases The Cardiovascular Benefits Of A Healthy LifestyleCeliac Disease Shouldn't Keep Family From BBQ Fun: Experts
Smoking Cessation, Weight Gain, And Subsequent CHD RiskH7N9 Bird Flu Transmits From Person To Person, Study Finds
Home-Based Walking Exercise Program Improves Speed And Endurance For Patients With PADComplications More Likely With Emergency Gallbladder Surgery: Study
Some Farm Workers Harbor Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Study FindsSpinal Injury Causes Permanent Damage Within Weeks: Study
Screening Using Peptide Level And Collaborative Care To Help Reduce Risk Of Heart FailureSimple Ways To Prevent Fireworks Injuries
Study Finds In Vitro Fertilization Associated With Small Increased Risk Of Mental RetardationSharp Rise In Drug Overdoses Among U.S. Women: CDC
Intervention Helps Improve And Maintain Better Blood Pressure ControlIVF Tied To Small Risk Of Mental Deficits In Children
Test Accurately And Swiftly Detects Most Leading Causes Of Bacterial Blood Stream InfectionQuitting Smoking Can Lead To Weight Gain For Women, Study Confirms
Inflammation Links Social Adversity And DiabetesPharmacist-Guided Home Blood Pressure Monitoring May Help Patients
Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Helps Stroke Patients Gain Prolonged Language RecoveryHome Treadmills May Help People With Poor Leg Circulation
Mental Disorders In 13.5 Percent Of Canadian Forces Personnel Deployed To Afghanistan'Low-Risk' Prostate Cancer Diagnosis May Not Work For Black Men
Growth In Cerebral Aneurysms Increases Risk Of RuptureATV Injuries To Kids On Decline For Now: Study
Head Start Children And Parents Show Robust Gains In New InterventionCan Long-Term Night Work Raise Breast Cancer Risk?
Doctor-Patient Communication About Dietary Supplements Could Use A Vitamin BoostNew Grants Will Help Get Health Insurance For More Kids
Thyroid Cancer -- Rising Most Rapidly Among Insured PatientsStudy Ties Red And Processed Meats To Worse Colon Cancer Survival
Pre-Pregnancy Diabetes Increases Risk Of MRSA Among New MothersSleepy Teens Reach For Fast Foods First
Getting Kids To Eat Their Veggies: A New Approach To An Age-Old ProblemLower Bacteria Levels In Gut May Be Tied To Autism In Kids
New Treatment For Schizophrenia Discovered In FinlandLifelong Reading, Hobbies Might Help Stave Off Dementia