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Monday, September 30, '13

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Another Study Sees No Vaccine-Autism LinkChelation Little Help For Heart Disease: Study
Blood Test Might Spot Pancreatic Cancer Early, Study FindsSoy Tied To Better Lung Cancer Survival Among Women
Drug-Resistant 'Superbug' May Spread Among Patients, Study FindsNew Jersey Residents' Toenail Clippings To Be Tested For Carcinogen
More Dietary Fiber Might Help Thwart Stroke: StudyJ&J Recalls Nearly 2 Million Blood Glucose Meters Worldwide
Racial Gap Seen In Survival Among Kidney Dialysis PatientsMany Lower Back MRI Scans May Be Unnecessary
CDC Launches New Graphic Antismoking AdsMany Parents Introduce Solids Before 4 Months : CDC
Cutting Out Mealtime Distractions May Help Manage WeightInspection Yields Another Compound Pharmacy Recall
Study Shines Light On Harmless Bacteria On Fruits, VeggiesBack Manipulation May Help Relieve Chronic Pain
Researchers Test Implanted Brain Stimulator For Alzheimer'sFDA Proposes Tighter Rules For Emergency Defibrillators
Shopping Around Brings Steep Prescription Drug Savings, Report FindsFewer Blood Pressure Screens May Be More Effective
Springtime Allergies More Severe, Last Longer Now, Experts SayAs "Telehealth" Grows, Experts Question Cost Benefits
FDA Approves New Multiple Sclerosis DrugAntibiotics Not Worth Risk In Most Chest Colds: Study
Should Short Boys Take Growth Hormone?Statins Tied To Lowered Liver Cancer Risk With Hepatitis C
Poor Americans In South Less Likely to Get Medical Care: StudyOlder Fathers More Likely To Have Autistic Grandchildren
UK Scientists Develop Safer Foot-And-Mouth VaccineU.S. Autism Estimates Climb To One In 50 School-Age Children
Upping Vigorous Exercise May Improve FibromyalgiaAging A Concern For Many Americans But Harder For Women : Poll
Texting Fails To Boost Flu Shots In Pregnant WomenGovernment Changes Course On Graphic Cigarette Warnings
Prescription Drugs Cost Least At Costco And Most At CVS: StudyMississippi Forbids Local Laws On Nutrition, Super-Size Drinks
Cigarette Labels May Educate About Bladder CancerEarly Injuries May Predict Later Abuse In Babies
Mixed Results On Computer-Based Support For DiabetesEmergency Room Symptoms May Not Predict Health Care Needs: Study
Prebiotics In Baby Formula And Eczema: Mixed PictureLengthy Antibiotic Use Common In Elderly
Restaurant Meals For Kids Fail Nutrition Test: Consumer GroupU.S. Deaths From Alzheimer's Growing, Data Shows
Cutting Copays May Increase Women's Cancer ScreeningDon't Start Drinking For Your Health: Experts
Vitamin D Might Help Some Parkinson's PatientsLess Frequent Mammograms Don't Increase Risks After Age 50 : Study
Joint Pain, Function Not Always Better After SurgeryWarming Houses Linked To Better Health
Could Gum Help The Colon Bounce Back From Surgery?Disabled People May Struggle To Get Specialty Care
China's "Black Clinics" Flourish As Government Debates Health Reform"Off-Label" Use Of Anti-Drowsiness Drug Skyrockets
Antidepressants Not Tied To Stunted Infant GrowthAspirin Takers Can Take Clot-Busting Drug
Four In 10 Babies Given Solid Foods Too Early, Study FindsMeasuring Mercury: Common Test May Overestimate Exposure From Dental Amalgam Fillings
Stress During Pregnancy May Raise Heart Defect Risk For BabyStudy Reveals Potential Immune Benefits Of vitamin D Supplements In Healthy Individuals
Teen Moms More Likely to Have Been Neglected, AbusedExplaining How Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protects Against Alzheimer's Disease
Complications More Common Than Thought For Type Of Hip SurgeryNew Study Highlights Strong Anti-Cancer Properties Of Soybeans
Fit Kids May Dodge Fractures In Old AgeCurrent And Past Smokers Face Greater Risk For Hip Replacement Failure
FDA Proposes Tighter Regulation Of Public DefibrillatorsAntidepressants For Pregnant Moms Don't Affect Infants' Growth
U.S. Agency Puts Poison Prevention In Spotlight97 Percent Of UK Doctors Have Given Placebos To Patients At Least Once
Play It Smart When It Comes to LightningNew Hope To Beat Malaria Once And For All
Physically Fit Docs More Likely to Prescribe Exercise, Study FindsAtypical Brain Circuits May Cause Slower Gaze Shifting In Infants Who Later Develop Autism
Antipsychotic Drug Use Rising For Kids On Medicaid, Study FindsDartmouth Researchers Invent Real Time Secondhand Smoke Sensor
Pneumonia May Lead To Serious Aftereffects for SeniorsUCLA Researchers Create Tomatoes That Mimic Actions Of Good Cholesterol
Steady Rise In Heart Valve Infections Noted In U.S.Max Planck Florida Institute Study Points To Major Discovery For Alzheimer's Disease
Cigarette 'Relighting' On Rise In Still-Tight EconomyFirst Of Its Kind Study In Canada Looks At Who Is Taking Aspirin To Prevent Heart Attack Or Stroke
Reduced 'Fine-Tuning' Of Brain May Hamper Face Recognition In AutismHigh Potency Statins Pose Significantly Higher Risk Of Kidney Injury Than Low Potency, Say Experts
Traffic Linked To Chronic Childhood AsthmaNew Disorder Could Classify Millions Of People As Mentally Ill
Study: Most Toddler Meals Too High In SaltSpine Patients Who Quit Smoking Report Diminished Pain
Salt Led To Nearly 2.3M Deaths WorldwideDiscounts On Purchases Of Healthy Foods Can Improve Diets, Study Finds
Survey: Parts Of Healthcare Reform PopularAnxiety, Depression Identify Heart Disease Patients At Increased Risk Of Dying
U.S.: Healthcare Reform Saves Seniors $6BHeart Failure Patients With Depression Have Four Times Risk Of Death
Autism Rose From 1-In-88 To 1-In-50Adults Who Experience Stroke Before Age 50 Have Higher Risk Of Death Over Long-Term
Localized Prostate Cancer Trial Positive180,000 Deaths Worldwide May Be Associated With Sugary Soft Drinks
Learning Disabled Brits Die Years EarlierUncontrolled Hypertension Could Bring Increased Risk For Alzheimer's Disease
Children Who Drink Skim Milk FatterDigital Rectal Exam Remains Important Part Of Prostate Screening
Mental Disorders Linked To SmokingOnly One-Third Of Parents Follow Doctors' Orders For Kids All Of The Time
Higher Dose Statins Linked To Kidney IssueSkimmed/Semi-Skimmed Milk Does Not Curb Excess Toddler Weight Gain
Oregon May Ban Smoking In Cars With KidsMillions Of People In Asia Potentially Exposed To Health Risks Of Popular Herbal Medicines
Sugary Drinks Linked To 180,000 DeathsBlood Protein Able To Detect Higher Risk Of Cardiovascular Events
Middle-Age Exercise May Stave Off DementiaAAN Issues Updated Sports Concussion Guideline
New Guideline For Treating ConcussionsOral Estrogen Hormone Therapy Linked To Increased Risk Of Gallbladder Surgery In Menopausal Women
Weight Management Products $40B By 2016Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Also Reduces Cancer Risk
Healthcare Reform Saves Consumers MillionsMost of World's Adults Consume Too Much Salt, Study Finds
Most Nurses Say Their Hospital Is Not SafeU.S. Abandons Effort To Place Graphic Labeling On Cigarettes
Coffee, Green Tea Reduce Stroke Risk'Cruise Ship Virus' Also Sickens 1 Million U.S. Kids Yearly
Antibiotics Won't Help Most Sore ThroatsOne In 50 School-Aged Children In U.S. Has Autism: CDC
U.S. Work Conditions Increase Heart RiskBrain Circuitry Yields Clue To Autism, Researchers Say
Doctors Challenged By Patient DiscussionsStudy: Antidepressant Use In Pregnancy May Not Affect Baby's Growth
Industry Evaded 'Light' Cigarette BanHigh-Dose Statins Linked To Acute Kidney Damage
Music Practice Helps Brain DevelopmentMeasles Can Spread Further Than Thought On Airplanes: Study
Smoking Affects Fracture HealingPeople With Mental Illness Make Up Large Share Of U.S Smokers
Low-Cost ‘Cooling Cure’ Could Avert Brain Damage In Oxygen-Starved BabiesMeth In Pregnancy May Blunt Child's Reaction To Stress: Study
Banning Food Ads Targeted At KidsAnxiety, Depression May Triple Risk Of Death For Heart Patients: Study
Scientists Create New Tools For Battling Secondhand SmokeSugary Drinks Tied To 25,000 U.S. Deaths A Year
Pain Reliever Shows Anti-Viral Activity Against FluPlans To Penalize Non-Emergency Use Of ERs Flawed: Study
Newly Published - European Guidance For The Diagnosis & Management Of Osteoporosis In Postmenopausal WomenStroke Before Age 50 Linked To Raised Risk Of Early Death
Cancer Drug Shortages Mean Higher Costs And Greater Risk For PatientsA Third Of U.S. Seniors Die With Dementia, Study Finds
What You Eat Before Surgery May Affect Your RecoveryHormone Pills In Menopause May Carry Gallstone Side Effects
Exploring The Link Between Traumatic Brain Injury And People Who Are HomelessBlack Children Less Likely To Get Antibiotics: Study
Common Antibiotic Linked To Heart Problems In Patients With Lung ConditionsFalse-Positive Mammograms Can Trigger Long-Term Distress
Updated Guide To Help Policy Makers, Providers Fight Cardiovascular DiseaseFewer Kids Getting Hurt In Most Sports, Study Finds
Road Traffic Pollution As Serious As Passive Smoke In The Development Of Childhood AsthmaVitamin D Levels In Pregnancy May Not Affect Kids' Future Bone Health
Poor Kidney Response To Hormone May Increase Risks For Kidney Disease PatientsTherapy As Good As Surgery for Some With Torn Knee Cartilage
Healthy Lifestyle Linked With Longer Survival Among Kidney Disease PatientsSwitch To Skim Milk Won't Prevent Toddler's Obesity: Study
Most Pre-Packaged Meals, Snacks For Toddlers Contain Too Much SaltHands-On Therapy May Spell Relief For Low Back Pain
Eating Too Much Salt Led To 2.3 Million Heart-Related Deaths Worldwide In 2010New Guidelines Raise Safety Bar On Concussions
Adults Worldwide Eat Almost Double Daily AHA Recommended Amount Of SodiumParents' Worries About HPV Vaccine On The Rise: Study
Energy Drinks May Increase Blood Pressure, Disturb Heart RhythmMillions Got Free Preventive Care Due To Health Law, HHS Says
Family Dinners Nourish Good Mental Health In AdolescentsConsumers View Foods With Green Labeling As Healthier: Study
Miriam Study Reveals Financial Benefits Of A Plant-Based, Mediterranean DietKnow What's In Your Child's Medications, FDA Warns
Low-Income Parents Say Child Care Subsidies Help Them Keep JobsHow To Prevent, Treat Diaper Rash
Partner Abuse Counseling For Women InsufficientExpert Tips For Spring-Cleaning Your Bathroom
Nip Springtime Allergies In The BudStressful Events Can Increase Inflammation
With Certain Strokes, Effects Can Persist A Decade LaterNorovirus Spread Via Knives, Utensils
Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Be Costly14 U.K. Hospitals' Death Rates Probed
Skies Not-So-Friendly For Passengers With Nut AllergiesFrench HIV Patients OK After Ending Drugs
Phones, Texting May Be As Dangerous As Alcohol For DriversFlu Down Nationwide, Lingers Mid-Atlantic
New Method Quickly Spots Kidney Damage After SurgeryDoctors Against Prescribing 'Study Drugs'
Analysis: Antibiotics Crisis Prompts Rethink On Risks, RewardsAge Affects Pathological Gambling Therapy
Even Moderate Drinking May Be Risky With Hepatitis CStudy: 1-In-3 Drivers Read, Text, Email
U.S. Irregular Heartbeat Treatment Inadequate: StudyFewer Adults With Disabilities Employed
Distracted Eaters Likely To Take In More CaloriesYounger Boomers Suffer From Homelessness
EU's Planned Tobacco Curbs Break WTO Rules, Malawi Says40 Percent Postpartum Mothers Depressed
More U.S. Drivers Texting, Chatting Than Western Europeans: CDCPesticide Water May Spread Norovirus
After Breast Cancer, High-Fat Dairy Foods Raise Risk Of DeathTraumatic Brain Injury Affects 3.5 Million
Surgery Clinical Trial Results Selectively ReportedTrue Cost Of Elder Care, Nursing Homes
FDA Studies Possible Pre-Cancerous Link With Diabetes DrugsThere's No Guarantee Of 'Latex-Free'
Crack Down On Cannabis, World Body Tells U.S.FDA Warns Antibiotic May Affect Heart Beat
Aspirin Tied To Lower Melanoma RiskPrenatal DDT Linked To Hypertension Later
Too Many Drug Types Are Compromising Heart Health: DoctorsN.Y. Aims To Prevent Unsafe Injections
New York City's Appeal Of Soda Ban Ruling To Be Heard In JuneWhooping Cough Vaccine May Wane Earlier
Heart Risk Rises With Breast Cancer RadiationAntibiotic Lack May Be Catastrophic Threat
Hospital Accreditation Doesn't Ensure BreastfeedingWashing Patients With Wipes Cuts Infection
Be Cautious Of Mind-Altering Drugs For Kids: DoctorsMissouri Tanning Salons Allow Preteens
Quitting Smoking Helps Hearts, Even With Weight GainYounger Drinker More Likely Binge Drinker
Omega-3 DHA May Prevent Earliest PreemiesTuna Recall Includes Three Major Brands
Judge Blocks New York City Large-Soda Ban, Mayor Bloomberg Vows FightNorovirus Suspected Aboard Cruise Ship
Family Docs Can Treat Simple Sleep Apnea: StudyFlu Vaccine Reduces Flu Hospitalizations
NFL, GE To Study Brain Injuries As Concussion Worries MountMoney Talks When Trying To Lose Weight
Some Older Adults Get Unnecessary ColonoscopiesAnnual Test For Cervical Cancer Not Needed
Statins Often Prescribed Without Good EvidenceObama Offers $340B Health Package
Antibiotic Resistance A "Catastrophic Threat": UK Medical ChiefVitamin D Supplements Tied To Lower Blood Pressure In Blacks
B Vitamins Might Help Some With SchizophreniaNew Analysis Says Evidence Lacking For HRT-Breast Cancer Link
Bumble Bee Expands Recall Of 5-Ounce Cans Of TunaRobotic Surgery For Hysterectomy Often Not Best Option, Ob/Gyn Group Says
Buckle Up During Pregnancy: StudyNight Shift Linked To Raised Risk Of Ovarian Cancer
U.S. Childhood Obesity Fight Sees Some Success: GroupIncoherent Text Messages May Signal Stroke, Doctors Say
U.S. Warns Health Officials To Be Alert For Deadly New VirusCan Green Tea, Coffee Reduce Stroke Risk?
Less-Frequent Pap Smears May Miss Cancer PrecursorsHigh-Fat Dairy Foods Linked To Worse Survival After Breast Cancer
Kids On Food Stamps Don't Eat Any Healthier: StudyNew Drugs May Offer Hope To Parkinson's Patients
Study Results Take Almost Two Years To Be ReleasedBlacks With Kidney Disease Should Watch For Blood Pressure Shifts: Study
Medical Tourism Offers Travel Firms Untapped GrowthAmerican Drivers Phone, Text More Often Than European Motorists
Most Large Employers To Keep Health Insurance Benefit: SurveyFDA Wants To Relax Approval Process For Alzheimer's Drugs
Too Much Salt May Trigger Autoimmune Diseases: StudiesClot Buster Safe For Stroke Patients On Blood Thinners: Study
Fight Tobacco Marketing, Boost Vaccinations To Curb Cancer, Says ReportEfforts To Prevent Hospital-Based Infection Falling Short, Survey Finds
Despite Obesity Rise, U.S. Calories Trending DownwardHomegrown Strain Of Dengue Fever Virus Pinpointed In Florida
Patient Safety Efforts May Prevent Diagnostic ErrorsBreast Cancer Radiation Has Long-Term Heart Effects: Study
Some Docs Miss Test Results With Electronic RecordsStudy Shows How Vitamin E Can Help Prevent Cancer
"Nightmare Bacteria," Shrugging Off Antibiotics, On Rise In U.S.People With Peanut/Tree Nut Allergies Can Minimize Risk Of Reactions On Airplane Flights
Despite Free Treatment, Britain Lags Others On HealthSurprising Rate Of Women Have Depression After Childbirth
Generics Brought Down Common Drug Prices In 2012: Express ScriptsHow Oils And Fats Regulate Feeling Of Satiety
Childhood ADHD May Lead To Troubles Later On In LifeSmoking Linked With Worse Urothelial Cancer Prognosis In Patients, Especially Women
Colonoscopy Tied To Lower Risk Of Advanced CancerGarbled Text Messages May Be The Only Symptoms Of Stroke
Monster Beverage Says Its Drinks Did Not Kill TeenagerAlcohol, Fibromyalgia, And Quality Of Life
Doctors Don't Often Tell Patients Of CT Scan RisksGreen Tea, Coffee May Help Lower Stroke Risk
Fewer Heart Blockages Showing Up On Stress TestsBlood Pressure Changes Warn Of Premature Death For African-Americans With Kidney Disease
Exercise, Less Sitting Time, Linked To Better SleepNew Drugs May Improve Quality Of Life For People With Parkinson's Disease
More Iron Linked To Reduced Risk Of Severe PMSStudy: Probiotics Reduce Stress-Induced Intestinal Flare-Ups
Food Labels Often Missing Potassium ContentEASL Calls On UK To Tackle Alcohol Consumption Problem Through Implementation Of Minimum Pricing
Most U.S. Adults Favor Healthy School FoodUCLA-Led Study Finds Devices No Better Than Meds In Recovery From Clot-Caused Strokes
Mad Cow Disease Adaptation Key FoundDwelling On Stressful Events Can Increase Inflammation In The Body, Study Finds
A Peptide May Be The Key To HappinessSymbols, Such As Traffic Lights, On Menus Effective In Educating Diners
Less-Risky Prostate Cancer Therapy OfferedUT Study Identifies Ways Children Can Meet Recommended Activity Goals
Study Reveals 10 Factors In Wrongful Conviction CasesMany Ovarian Cancer Patients Denied By-the-Book Care, Study Says
Answering Messages Behind The Wheel Is As Dangerous As Being Twice Over The LimitDaily Aspirin Linked To Lower Risk For Deadly Skin Cancer In Women
Chicken Pox Vaccine Saving Children's LivesMore Evidence Whooping Cough Protection Wanes
Researchers Advance Fight Against Leading Infectious Cause Of Congenital Birth DefectsAngioplasty Safe In Hospitals Without On-Site Heart Surgery Services
Structured Weight Loss Program Helps Kids From Low-Income Families Lower BMINew Drugs Might Give Heart Patients An Edge
Canadians Support Interventions To Reduce Dietary SaltStudy: Mega Vitamins Won't Help After Heart Attack, Chelation Treatment Might
Tobacco Industry Appears To Have Evaded FDA Ban On 'Light' Cigarette DescriptorsCertain Diabetes Medications May Lower Heart Failure Risk
No Attention-Boosting Drugs For Healthy Kids, Doctors UrgeDrug May Ease Angina In People With Type 2 Diabetes
Vitamin D Supplements May Help African Americans Lower Blood PressureAbdominal 'Chemo Bath' May Extend Survival In Ovarian Cancer Patients
Do Blood Thinners + Stroke Treatment = Danger? Study Indicates The Risk Is LowNiacin Won't Help, May Harm Heart Patients: Study
Potential Early Indicator Of Kidney Injury IdentifiedFeds Take Lead On Health Insurance Exchanges
Job Burnout Can Severely Compromise Heart HealthFlu Infections Continue to Decline
Antibiotic-Resistant Strain Of E. Coli Increasing Among Older Adults And Residents Of Nursing HomesTV Ads For Statins May Drive Overtreatment
Nearly A Third Of Antibiotic Prescriptions For Dialysis Patients InappropriateSpace Heater Safety Tips Can Help Prevent Burns, Fires
Pesticide Application As Potential Source Of Noroviruses In Fresh Food Supply ChainsYou Can Help Reduce Your Colon Cancer Risk: Expert
Kid's Consumption Of Sugared Beverages Linked To Higher Caloric Intake Of FoodHeavier Pregnant Women May Face Higher C-Section Risk
Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking Does Not Negate Health BenefitsNew 'Bead' Treatment For Heartburn
Major Bleeding Following PCI Associated With Increased Risk Of DeathRecall: Bumble Bee Albacore, Light Tuna
Study Examines Outcomes For Treatment Of Sleep Apnea With Primary Care Vs. Specialist CareMore State Gun Laws Linked To Fewer Deaths
Use Of Adjunctive Antipsychotic Medications In DepressionNew Pap Guidelines May Miss Aggressive Cancer In Young Women: Study
Single Concussion May Cause Lasting Brain DamageDefibrillator Patients Who Lose Weight May Fare Worse
Medicare Spending For Advanced Cancer Not Linked To Survival DifferencesWalking Program Helps Stroke Survivors Get On With Life
Screenings, Targeted Care Reduce Heart Failure In At-Risk PatientsPiling on Pounds When Younger May Lead To Enlarged Heart Later
Clot-Busting Drug Benefits Intermediate-Risk Patients With Pulmonary EmbolismCash Incentives, Penalties May Spur People To Shed More Pounds
Digoxin Reduces Hospital Admissions In Older Patients With Chronic Heart FailureCholesterol Levels May Vary By Season
No Benefit Found From BP Drug In Treatment Of Recently Hospitalized Heart Failure PatientsSkipping Aspirin Before Artery Procedure May Boost Death Rates
High-Dose Oral Vitamins, Minerals Do Not Reduce Recurrent Cardiac Events In Heart Attack PatientsTooth Loss Associated With Higher Risk For Heart Disease
Drug Reduces Chest Pain In Patients With DiabetesBlack Breast Cancer Survivors Face Higher Heart Failure Risk: Study
Clot-Busting Drug As Effective As AngioplastySecondhand Smoke Linked To Early Heart Disease, Study Finds
Investigational Drug Reduces Heart Damage During AngioplastySteroid Shots Disappoint In Back Pain Study
Drug May Improve Outcomes After Heart AttackProcessed Meat May Play A Part In Early Death: Study
Off-Pump Bypass Better For High-Risk PatientsShort-Term Exercise Might Boost Young People's Self-Control
Angioplasty At Hospitals Without On-Site Cardiac Surgery Safe, EffectiveSalty Diet Might Help Trigger MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Fluoride In Drinking Water Cuts Tooth Decay In AdultsInsomnia Might Boost Heart Failure Risk
Older Adults Benefit From Home-Based DVD Exercise ProgramCost Of Diabetes Care In U.S. Keeps Climbing
Changes Needed To Improve In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Care, SurvivalMed School Students Still Get Gifts From Drug Companies: Survey
Researchers Find Alternative Cholesterol-Lowering Drug For Patients Who Can't Tolerate StatinsDisabled Workers Often Face Abuse: Study
Stroke Risk In Elderly Treated With Antipsychotics Is Newly Linked To Specific Drug ActionsEye-Tracking Tool Might Quickly Spot Stroke
Can Energy Drinks Improve The Physical And Mental Performance Of Cyclists?'Nightmare' Bacteria Spreading In U.S. Hospitals, Nursing Homes: CDC
Coffee And Tea During Pregnancy Affect Fetal GrowthNewer Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs Don't Seem To Increase Risk Of Shingles
Folic Acid Lowers Risk Of AutismScans That Gauge Heart Scarring May Spot High-Risk Patients
Sleep Loss Precedes Alzheimer's SymptomsStored Donor Blood May Have Shorter Shelf Life Than Thought
No Good Evidence That Mouthguards And Helmets Ward Off ConcussionCombo Treatment Might Beat Epidural to Ease Labor: Study
Less Sleep Leads To More Eating And More Weight Gain, According To New CU-Boulder StudySound Sleep Helps The Heart, Expert Says
New Add-On Drug May Improve Memory In People With Moderate Alzheimer's DiseaseU.S. Seniors Happier Playing Video Games
Aspirin May Lower Melanoma RiskPosters Explain How To Prevent Norovirus
Magnet Ingestion By Young Children Serious And Growing ProblemCRE, A Drug-Resistant Bacteria, Is Lethal
New Anti-Clotting Drug More Effective Than Current TreatmentCaesarean Rate Differs Vastly By Location
ECG screening For Competitive Athletes Would Not Prevent Sudden DeathU.S. Women's Life Expectancy Down
Study: Diabetic Medication May Protect Patients From Developing Heart FailureVitamin D May Help Prevent Alzheimer's
A New Drug Reduces Heart DamageHigher Sugar = Higher Type 2 Diabetes
Niacin Therapy Shows No Benefits, Has Some Harmful EffectsNew Diabetes Drugs Linked To Pancreatitis
ERs Not Doing Enough To Educate Parents On Car-Seat Safety: Study30 Percent Of Child ADHD Have It As Adults
Antipsychotic Meds Not That Helpful For Depression: StudyNurturing Caregivers Helps Disabled Kids
FDA Renews Heart-Risk Warning For AntibioticHospital Volume Affects Cancer Survival
Quitting Cigarettes Cuts Heart Risks, Even If You Gain WeightBaby 'Functionally Cured' Of HIV
Major Bleeds After Heart Procedures May Raise Death Risk: StudyPregnancy Increases Size Of Women's Feet
Sleep Apnea Treated Successfully In Non-Specialty CentersBPA Found In Almost All Moms And Children
Brain Imaging Detects Tiny Lesions Related To Mild Injury: StudyEating Healthy Helps Keep Teeth Healthy
Blood Test Plus Targeted Care May Stop Heart Failure Before It StartsBPA Found In Cans Linked To Asthma
Many In Britain Don't Trust Their HospitalEating Junk Food While Pregnant May Make Your Child A Junk Food Addict
How Poverty Affects Heart DiseaseResearch: Brain Can't Cope With Making A Left-Hand Turn And Talking On Hands-Free Cell Phone
Psychocardiology Treats Heart, DepressionClogged Heart Arteries Can Foreshadow Stroke
Focal Therapy Offers Middle Ground For Some Prostate Cancer PatientsHelping Dementia Patients Remember To Eat Well Improves Physical And Mental Health
Omega-3s From Fish Vs. Fish Oil Pills Better At Maintaining Blood Pressure In Mouse ModelMini-Organ Would Mimic Pancreas To Treat Type 1 Diabetes
Women's Health Must Be Priority For State Health Exchange Marketplaces, New Report SaysReport Details Steps To Boost Patient Safety
Emergency Departments Not Doing Enough To Educate Parents About Car Seat SafetyIs Too Much E-Communication Swamping Doctors?
Green Tea Extract Interferes With The Formation Of Amyloid Plaques In Alzheimer's DiseaseMost Kids With Autism Overcome Language Delays, Study Finds
Walking Away From Back PainColonoscopy Cuts Advanced Cancer Risk By 70 Percent: Study
U Of M Researchers Find Wide Variation In Cesarean Delivery Rates Among US HospitalsDrugs May Help Relieve Restless Legs Syndrome
Seniors Who Play Video Games Report Better Sense Of Emotional Well-BeingC-Section Rates Vary Widely At U.S. Hospitals
Are New National Policies Designed To Reduce Hospital Readmissions Working?Certain Sleep Aids May Raise Hip Fracture Risk In Nursing Homes: Study
Free Online Program Helps Reduce Blood PressureAnxiety May Be More Common Than Depression After Pregnancy
Insomnia Is Linked To Increased Risk Of Heart FailureADHD Can Often Persist Into Adulthood
Is It A Stroke Or Benign Dizziness? A Simple Bedside Test Can TellCombo Inhaler May Give Better Relief for Some With Asthma
Pregnant Mothers With Strong Family Support Less Likely To Have Postpartum Depression, Study FindsPlastics Chemical BPA Tied To Higher Asthma Risk In Kids
Neighborhood Poverty And Health Insurance Figure In Late-Stage Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer1 In 8 Adults May Have Sensitive Teeth
Vitamin Deficiency Screening Needed For RefugeesOb-Gyn Group Lists Procedures That May Not Be Needed
National Sleep Foundation Poll Finds Exercise Key To Good SleepFiscal Standoff Could Cause Financial Pain For Health Care
Unhealthy Drinking Widespread Around The World, CAMH Study ShowsWinter Weather Plays A Role In Spring Allergies, Expert Says
Pharmaceutical Advertising Down But Not OutHigh-Fiber Diet Helps Heart Too, Expert Says
First Evidence That Obesity Gene Is Risk Factor For MelanomaSurvey Tallies Menopause Symptoms' Toll
Grandmother's Cigarette Habit Could Be The Cause Of Grandchild's AsthmaResilient Personality May Bring Better Aerobic Health
Parkinson's Disease Brain Rhythms DetectedStress Disorder May Be Common Among ICU Patients On Ventilators
Survey Finds Public Support For Legal Interventions To Fight Obesity, Noncommunicable DiseasesKids, Seniors Prone To MRSA Infections Depending On Season: Study
Losing Weight Sooner Has Best Chance To Reverse Heart Damage, Mouse Study ShowsCity Kids Exposed To More Lead From Contaminated Dust In Summer
Contraband Tobacco Use Hinders Smoking CessationLow-Income Patients Often Have Trouble Reaching Doctor Via Email
Colon Cancer Screening Doubles With New E-Health Record UseStudy Confirms Safety Of Colonoscopy
Changes In Foot Size Caused By Pregnancy May Increase Arthritis RiskNew Guidelines For Standardizing Glucose Reporting And Optimizing Clinical Decision Making In Diabetes
BPA Raises Risk For Childhood AsthmaNearly 1 In 4 Women Newly Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
Mayo Clinic Finds Steroids May Shorten Hospital Stay For Pneumonia PatientsGrape Seed And Skin Extract – A Weapon In The Fight Against Kidney Disease Caused By High-Fat Diets
Eating Junk Food While Pregnant May Make Your Child A Junk Food AddictResearch: Brain Can't Cope With Making A Left-Hand Turn And Talking On Hands-Free Cell Phone
Clogged Heart Arteries Can Foreshadow StrokeHelping Dementia Patients Remember To Eat Well Improves Physical And Mental Health
Mini-Organ Would Mimic Pancreas To Treat Type 1 DiabetesReport Details Steps To Boost Patient Safety