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Monday, September 30, '13

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Not All Very Short Kids Need Screening Tests: StudyHigher-Dose RT Results In Inferior Survival In Patients With Stage III Lung Cancer
U.S. Medicare Outlook Improves As Healthcare Costs EasePutting The Brakes On Distracted Driving
France To Ban Electronic Cigarettes In PublicSafe For Stroke Patients To Continue Blood Thinners Before Minor Surgical Procedures
Quit-Smoking Treatments Safe, Effective: ReviewStudy Looks At Sports-Related Facial Fractures In Kids, Reports Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery
Double Dose Of Tamiflu Proves No Better In Severe FluStudy Finds That Radiation Oncology Research Is Critically Underfunded By The National Institutes Of Health (NIH)
Some Common Prescriptions Linked To ImpotenceTravelers Play Valuable Role Assisting Crew In Common Medical Emergencies On Flights
No Science Behind Blood-Type DietsNew Mayo Clinic Approach Could Lead To Blood Test To Diagnose Alzheimer's In Earliest Stage
Could Shedding Extra Pounds Improve Psoriasis?Nordic Diet Lowers Cholesterol, Study Finds
High Doses Of Common Painkillers Increase Heart Attack RisksChildhood Abuse Linked With Food Addiction In Adult Women
U.S. Regulators Issue Rules On Workplace Wellness ProgramsPhysicians Insufficiently Informed Of The Side Effects Of Drugs
ADHD Medications Not Tied To Drug, Alcohol AbuseEven Short Bouts Of High Intensity Training Improve Fitness In Inactive Men
Bicycle Helmet Laws Linked To Fewer Child DeathsAre Children Who Take Ritalin For ADHD At Greater Risk Of Future Drug Abuse?
Pesticides Again Tied To Parkinson's DiseaseCholesterol Sets Off Chaotic Blood Vessel Growth
FDA Regulator At Odds With His Agency Over Blood Pressure DrugNew Possibilities For Prostate Cancer Treatment Revealed
Probiotics May Prevent Diarrhea In Those Taking AntibioticsTemporary Blood Clot Filters May Do More Harm Than Good For Bariatric Surgery Patients
One General Anesthesia Increases Dementia Risk By 35 PercentThyroid Conditions Raise Risk Of Pregnancy Complications
U.S. Appoints Dietary Guidelines Advisory CommitteNew Test Assesses Gestational Diabetes Risk Early In Pregnancy
Researchers May Have Found Key To CushingHealth Reform Shields Young Adults From Emergency Medical Costs, Study Finds
Study: Soap And Ointment Used On All ICU Patients Reduces MRSABrain Activity In Sleep May Impact Emotional Disturbances In Children With ADHD
U.S. After-School Programs May Help Reduce Obesity RatesEarly Brain Responses To Words Predict Developmental Outcomes In Children With Autism
Average U.S. Family Pays $3,600 Out-Of-Pocket For Healthcare AnnuallyChanging Gut Bacteria Through Diet Affects Brain Function, UCLA Study Shows
Soup Kitchen Meals Often Low On Nutrients, High In Fat, SaltDisabled Patients Who Can't Afford Their Meds Come To The ER More
Surgical Robots Act As Extensions Of Surgeon Not A ReplacementSimple 'Frailty' Test Predicts Death, Hospitalization For Kidney Dialysis Patients
Bacteria In Gut Can Affect Brain FunctionUC Research Highlights The Increasing Problem Of Prescription Drug Abuse Among Youth
Unique Omega-3 Supplement Helps Those With AsthmaResearchers Identify Novel Class Of Drugs For Prostate Cancers
Better Diet, Fewer Memory Complaints In Older AdultsChildren Of Long-Lived Parents Less Likely To Get Cancer
Class Of Drugs Interrupts Prostate Cancer SignalingSoda And Illegal Drugs Cause Similar Damage To Teeth
Doctors And Patients Sharing Decision-Making May Raise CostsIU study: Unique Omega-3 Supplement Effective At Reducing Exercise-Induced Asthma Symptoms
Summer Heat Bakes Pollution, Raises Respiratory Health RiskResearch Shows Copper Destroys Norovirus
Top Senior Health: Minn., Vt., N.H., Mass. And IowaOperative Death Rates Higher At Weekend, Warn Researchers
Copper And Copper Alloy Surfaces Kill Norovirus, Or Stomach FluAspirin Triggered Resolvin Protects Against Cognitive Decline After Surgery
Minneapolis-St. Paul Ranks On Top As Fittest U.S. Metro AreaTobacco Companies Are Not Public Health Stakeholders
Half Of Women In Poor Countries Deliver In A Health FacilityAfrican-Americans Experience Longer Delays Between Diagnosis And Treatment Of Prostate Cancer
Music Lowers Anxiety In ICU Patients On VentilatorsColon Cancer Screening: Immunological Tests Are Superior
Excessive Soda As Hard On Teeth As Meth Or CrackPitt Team Finds Mechanism That Causes Noise-Induced Tinnitus And Drug That Can Prevent It
Heart Failure Accelerates Male 'Menopause'Increase In Unintentional Marijuana Ingestion Among Children Following New Drug Laws In Colorado
Heart Failure Hospitalization Odds Worst In Jan., Fridays, NightHow Patient Centered Are Medical Decisions?
Most Patients Prefer To Make Medical Decisions With DoctorPatient Participation In Decision Making Associated With Increased Costs, Services
Swimming Lessons The Best Way To Prevent Drowning In KidsShould You Stop Blood Thinners Before Surgery? AAN Guideline Provides Direction
New Method To Test Breast Lesions Could Better Detect Cancer, Save Money By Reducing Repeat BiopsiesMeta-Analysis: Bug And Weed Killers, Solvents May Increase Risk Of Parkinson's Disease
Bright Light Therapy May Improve Sleep And Promote Recovery In Patients With Mild TBIFinding A Genetic Cause For Severe Childhood Epilepsies
Minority Children Drink More Sugary Fruit Juice Than Their White PeersDoubling Tamiflu Dose For Severe Flu Doesn't Help: Study
Johns Hopkins Surgeons Among The First In The Country To Perform A Robotic Single-Site HysterectomyJoblessness Tied To Shortened Lifespans For Less-Educated Women
Columbia Nursing Study Finds Women Less At Risk Than Men For Health-Care-Associated InfectionsPrepping For A Colonoscopy: Why It's A Necessary Evil
Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Not Taking Their Medications As PrescribedDelaying Colonoscopy Puts Man In Grave Danger
Beaumont Study: Nerve Stimulation Helps With Overactive BladderSunless Tanners Still A Tough Sell, Survey Finds
Study: Pedometer Program Helps Motivate Participants To Sit Less, Move MoreAdvanced Heart Failure Still Kills 1 In 3 Within Three Years: Study
Low Doses Of THC Can Halt Brain DamageScientists Gauge Radiation Dose From Trip To Mars
Soccer Training Improves Heart Health Of Men With Type 2 DiabetesPTSD After Heart Attack Linked To Poor Sleep
Double Dose Of Antiviral Drug Offers No Added Benefit In Severe InfluenzaTransfusions With Heart Surgery Might Raise Infection Risk
Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Help Heal A Broken Heart1 In 5 Americans Goes To The ER Each Year: CDC
Mystery Solved: Why People On Dialysis Have Increased Risk Of Heart AttackHigh Doses Of Common Painkillers May Raise Risk For Heart Trouble
Report Shows Billions Worldwide Suffer From Major Tooth DecayHealth Reform Saving Young Adults Millions For ER Care: Study
Getting Better Without AntibioticsDeadly 'Super Bug' Controlled In Large Study Of Hospitals
Poor Sleep Linked To PTSD After Heart AttackOne In 600 Flights Involves Medical Emergency, Study Says
Study Helps Explain Growing Education Gap In Mortality Among US White WomenAnd America's Fittest City Is...
Probiotics Prevent Diarrhoea Related To Antibiotic UseTalk Therapy Can Ease Depression, But No Single Type Deemed 'Best'
TCE Exposure Linked To Increased Risk Of Some CancersMental Ills In Kids With Epilepsy May Depend On Seizure Location
MRSA Study Slashes Deadly Infections In Sickest Hospital PatientsHealth News Reports May Spur 'Symptoms' In Some People
Artificial Sweeteners May Do More Than SweetenAlzheimer's Patients Mimic Emotions Of Those Around Them: Study
New China Bird Flu May Be Resistant To TamifluUniversity Of Wisconsin Chemists Find New Compounds To Curb Staph Infection
Involving Patients In Decisions Raises Health Care Costs, Study FindsHospitals Profit When Patients Develop Bloodstream Infections
Kids Poisoned By Medical Marijuana, Study FindsCalcium Supplements Linked To Longer Lifespans In Women
Task Force: Screen For Gestational Diabetes After 24 Weeks Of PregnancyAlleviating Hunger In The US -- Researcher Says, It's A SNAP
Black Prostate Cancer Patients More Likely To Delay Treatment: StudyNLST: CT Detects Twice As Many Lung Cancers As X-Ray At Initial Screening Exam
Pesticide Exposure May Raise Parkinson's Risk, Study SuggestsResearch Offers Promising New Approach To Treatment Of Lung Cancer
More Than 100 Studies Show Link Of Pesticides And Parkinson'sFish Oil May Help The Heart Beat Mental Stress
Colorado Reports Surge In Children Eating Pot-Laced FoodsParent And Teacher Support Protects Teens From Sleep Problems And Depression
U.S.: Ten People Drown Each DaySuccessful Results In Developing Oral Vaccine Against Diarrhea
CDC: Don't Swallow The Water You Swim In -- It's Full Of GermsStudy Links Chemicals Widely Found In Plastics And Processed Food To Elevated Blood Pressure In Children And Teens
Nearly One In 25 Will Have A Stroke, Costs To Double By 2030Fish Oil Supplements May Help Fight Against Type 2 Diabetes
U.S. Scientists Discover Proteins Affect Cancer SpreadMild Hypothyroidism Raises Mortality Risk Among Heart Failure Patients
Stroke Victims Rarely Get Clot-Busting Drug Fast EnoughCalorie Information In Fast Food Restaurants Used By 40 Percent Of 9-18 Year Olds When Making Food Choices
Doctor Says 0.05 Driver's Blood-Alcohol Limit May Not Be EnoughAddiction To Unhealthy Foods Could Help Explain The Global Obesity Epidemic
Adult Day Services For Dementia Patients Help CaregiversStudy Finds COPD Is Over-Diagnosed Among Uninsured Patients
Parents Key To Preventing Substance Abuse In Their ChildrenUCI Chemists Devise Inexpensive, Accurate Way To Detect Prostate Cancer
Never Bring The Charcoal Grill Indoors -- It Can KillNew Blood-Thinner Measures May Cut Medication Errors
Experts: All Summer Grill Masters Should Use A ThermometerBiodegradable Stent Proves Non-Inferior To Drug-Eluting Stent
British Health Secretary Says Doctors Should Be AdvocatesDrugs Found To Both Prevent And Treat Alzheimer's Disease In Mice
Heart Damage Comes Quicker To Youth With Type 2 DiabetesEnrichment Therapy Effective Among Children With Autism, UCI Study Finds
Drug Prevents, Treats Alzheimer's Disease In Mice'Doctor Shopping' By Obese Patients Negatively Affects Health
Grilling Season Can Be A Challenge For Those With DiabetesCommon Food Supplement Fights Degenerative Brain Disorders
'Mystery Illness' In Alabama A Mix Of Flu, Cold And PneumoniaDoctors Prescribe More Analgesics To Women Than To Men Just For Being Female
'Designated Driver' Campaign Model For Distracted DrivingWarning Images For Cigarette Packs Proposed By Brussels Do Not Make A Strong Enough Emotional Impact
Fast-Food Menu Labeling Results In Fewer Calories PurchasedSmall Increase In Cancer Risk Following CT Scans In Childhood And Adolescence
CDC: U.S. Influenza Season Almost OverStudy Finds Vitamin C Can Kill Drug-Resistant TB
IQ Of Children May Be Affected By What Pregnant Mothers EatTonsil Surgery Improves Some Behaviors In Children With Sleep Apnea Syndrome
U.S. Teens Underestimate Fast-Food Meal Calories By One-ThirdFailure To Use Linked Health Records May Lead To Biased Disease Estimates
2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Deadliest For Those Age 65 And YoungerDietary Advice On Added Sugar Is Damaging Our Health, Warns Heart Expert
Drug Resistance In New China Bird Flu Raises ConcernLife Expectancy Gap Widens Between Those With Mental Illness And General Population
Heart Device Approval Delays Leave U.S. Doctors FrustratedChild Maltreatment Increases Risk Of Adult Obesity
Irish Government Backs Ban On Cigarette Pack BrandingEarly-Life Traffic-Related Air Pollution Exposure Linked To Hyperactivity
H1N1 Flu Outbreak Kills 17 In Venezuela: MediaEarly Removal Of Adenoids And Tonsils Can Help Pediatric Sleep Apnea Symptoms
Check Young Kids For Motor Delays: PediatriciansAggressive Behavior Linked Specifically To Secondhand Smoke Exposure In Childhood
Texas Legislature Passes Measure To Prevent Medicaid ExpansionTreatment With Antidepressant Results In Lower Rate Of Mental Stress-Induced Cardiac Ischemia
Exclusive: 'Workplace Wellness' Fails Bottom Line, Waistlines - RANDAntidepressant Reduces Stress-Induced Heart Condition
Some With Defibrillators May Safely Play SportsLow Radiation Scans Help Identify Cancer In Earliest Stages
New U.S. Fears Emerge Over Tainted Compounded SteroidsInflammation Is Associated With Depression In COPD Patients
New Bird Flu May Be Capable Of Human To Human Spread - StudyStudy Shows COPD Is Associated With Significant And Persistent Pain
C-Sections Tied To Child ObesityAsthma Symptoms Impair Sleep Quality And School Performance In Children
Military Families May Need Help With Mental HealthDelayed Transfer To The ICU Increases Risk Of Death In Hospital Patients
Common Supplement May Help Patients Fight Heart FailureReducing Caloric Intake Delays Nerve Cell Loss
As Summer Approaches, Experts Offer Tips on Preventing Skin CancerGym Class Reduces Probability Of Obesity, Study Finds For First Time
Lawn Mower Injuries Often Caused by DistractionThe Compound In The Mediterranean Diet That Makes Cancer Cells 'Mortal'
Monday Best Time for Hospitalization With Heart Failure, Study SaysHospital Emergency Departments Gaining In Importance, Study Finds
Seniors More Likely to Crash When Driving With Pet: StudyBreakup Of Physician, Drug Company Relationship Could Improve Health Care, Cut Cost
Parents Underestimate Influence Over Teens' Substance Abuse: SurveyWhich Women Should Be Screened For High Cholesterol?
Many Medical Students Have Anti-Fat Bias, Study FindsFirst Long-Term Study Reveals Link Between Childhood ADHD And Obesity
Common Glaucoma Drug May Cause Droopy Eyelids, Study FindsAtherosclerotic Disease Heredity Mapped In Nationwide Study
High Cadmium Levels May Raise Risk for Dying From Liver Disease: StudyStudy Shows That Women Who Smoke During Pregnancy Increase The Risk Of Both Obesity And Gestational Diabetes In Their Daughters
Sharp Rise in ICU Admissions From U.S. Emergency RoomsER Docs Are Key To Reducing Health Care Costs
Economic Incentives Increase Blood Donation Without Negative ConsequencesBowel Issues Affect 3 Out Of 4 Pregnant Women
Frequent Heartburn May Predict Cancers Of The Throat And Vocal CordCould Statins Raise Diabetes Risk?
Multiple Research Teams Unable To Confirm High-Profile Alzheimer's StudyHow Many Calories In Your Fast-Food Meal? Guess Again
Heart Healthy Lifestyle May Cut Kidney Disease Patients' Risk Of Kidney FailureType 2 Diabetes Progresses Faster In Kids, Study Finds
New Imaging Techniques Used To Help Patients Suffering From EpilepsyGlucosamine Supplements Tied To Risk of Eye Condition
Defective Cellular Waste Removal Explains Why Gaucher Patients Often Develop Parkinson's DiseaseShortage Of Key Drug Hampering U.S. Efforts To Control TB: Report
New Discovery In Fight Against Deadly Meningococcal DiseaseDiet Soda Habit As Bad For Teeth As Meth Addiction, Study Claims
Study Shows People Can Be Trained To Be More CompassionatePeople With Borderline Personality Disorder May Misinterpret Facial Emotions
Depression Linked To Telomere Enzyme, Aging, Chronic DiseaseU.S. School Kids Should Get Hour Of Exercise Daily: Report
Chronic Heartburn May Raise Odds For Throat Cancer: StudyAgent Orange Tied To Aggressive Prostate Cancer Risk
Statins May Hamper Workout ResultsTeen Texting At The Wheel Tied To More Driving Risks
Low Prenatal Iodine May Affect Child's Brain DevelopmentU.S. Report Quantifies Risk Of Listeria In Deli Foods
Simple Visual Test May Predict IQ Level Of PeopleBipolar Disorder Tied To Mother's Flu In Pregnancy
Fish Body Oil May Reduce Risk Of Type 2 DiabetesBetter Stent Surgery Stats Needed: Heart Doctors
Schools Should Provide More Than Gym For Physical ActivityCT Scans Reduce Lung Cancer Deaths, Study Confirms
'Mystery Illness' Sickens Seven And Kills Two In AlabamaDocs Use 3-D Printer To Create Lifesaving Airway Device For Infant
A Sea Of Fungi Found On Human FeetMigraine, Chronic Back Pain Tied To Higher Suicide Risk
WHO: Health Officials Must Collaborate On Health ThreatsYour Pooch Could Raise Your Home's Bacteria Count
Expert Says Doctors Must Stop Giving Antibiotics For Colds, CoughsHaving Both Migraines, Depression May Mean Smaller Brain
Nutritionists Want To Keep Sweeteners Listed On Front Milk LabelFish Oil Pills Might Cut Diabetes Risk, Researchers Say
B Vitamins May Reduce Brain Shrinkage, Reduce Alzheimer's RiskUnderactive Thyroid And Heart Failure A Bad Combination: Study
'Legal Highs' Increase Four-Fold In BritainAmerican Cancer Society Celebrates 100 Years Of Progress
Many Texas Women Getting More Invasive Breast BiopsyChildren Who Have CT Scans May Face Higher Cancer Risk
Warning: Avoid Open Flames If Using Testosterone GelsCOPD May Be Over-Diagnosed Among Uninsured
Exergaming May Counteract Children's Sedentary BehaviorsAmericans Still Making Unhealthy Choices: CDC
ADHD In Childhood May Be Linked To Obesity In AdultsAntidepressants May Be Helpful For Some Heart Patients: Study
Using CDC Advice, Dialysis Infections Down 32 PercentRemoving Tonsils Helps Kids With Sleep Apnea, Study Finds
Work-Related Stress Linked To Higher Blood Fat LevelsAge, Other Illnesses May Make Prostate Cancer Treatment Unnecessary
Up To 20 percent Of U.S. Youth Experience A Mental DisorderCOPD Patients May Do Fine With Shorter Course Of Steroids
Federal Proposed Rule Calls For Child-Care Safety RequirementsCertain COPD Meds Might Raise Heart Risks, Study Says
WHO Warns Countries Not To Hoard Secrets Of CoronavirusWeekend 'Catch-Up' Sleep May Cut Young Drivers' Crash Risk
New Bird Flu Strain May Be Capable Of Spreading From Human To Human - StudyNewer, Pricier Prostate Cancer Radiation No Better Than Old: Study
Lawmaker Would Give FDA More Oversight Of Drug CompoundingLosing Weight May Ease Chronic Heartburn
Sugar Water Injections May Help Ease Knee PainSports May Be OK With Defibrillator, Study Says
California Reveals Prices For Health Insurance Under ObamacareSugar Injections For Knee Arthritis May Ease Pain: Study
Online Tool Reduces Inappropriate Medical TestsPrimary Care Docs Should Play Role In Kids' Dental Health, Experts Say
New Advice Didn't Change Breast Screening RatesFavorite Music May Ease Anxiety In ICU Patients
Schools Should Make Exercise 'Core' Subject, U.S. Panel UrgesNoise, Dirty Air May Be Double Whammy For The Heart
Online Tool Helps Control Blood Pressure Long TermStudy: Older Whooping Cough Vaccine More Effective
Sugary Drinks Tied To Kidney Stone RiskLiving Near Major Roadways In Pregnancy Tied To Respiratory Woes In Children
More Patients Than Docs Report Skin Surgery ProblemsNighttime Docs at ICUs Don't Boost Patient Outcomes: Study
Drowsy Young Drivers Have Increased Crash RiskADHD In Childhood May Raise Risk For Obesity In Adulthood
People Choose Larger Portions Of ‘Healthy' FoodsWomen Less Likely To Get Trauma Center Care After Injury: Study
Health Sites Too Complex, Full Of Cliches: StudyRevised Sunscreen Labels Should Help Consumers Make Wiser Choices
Pricey Radiation No Better Post Prostatectomy: StudySleep Apnea in Seniors Tied To Alzheimer's In Study
Fever Reducers Don't Slow Children's Recovery: StudyNew Device May Show Doctors More Of The Colon
Death Toll From New Bird Flu In China Rises To 36: WHOExtra Vitamin D May Ease Crohn's Symptoms, Study Finds
Surgeons-In-Training Dislike New Work Hours: SurveyMediterranean Diet Seems To Boost Ageing Brain Power
Psychiatrists Unveil Their Long-Awaited Diagnostic "Bible"The Incidence Of Eating Disorders Is Increasing In The UK
Multiple Concussions Tied To More Suicidal ThoughtsBed Sharing With Parents Increases Risk Of Cot Death Fivefold
Up To 1 In 5 Children Suffer From Mental Disorder: CDCMayo Clinic: Inflammatory Bowel Disease Raises Risk Of Melanoma
Lifestyle Change May Ease Heart Risk From Job StressLess Sleep Associated With Increased Risk Of Crashes For Young Drivers
Can Sleep At Altitude Prevent Sudden Hiker Deaths?Association Between In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates, Prevention Of Cardiac Arrests
Warning Didn't Change For-Profit Dialysis Drug UseBronchodilators Appear Associated With Increased Risk Of Cardiovascular Events
U.S. Advisory On Mercury In Fish Tied Up At Health DepartmentEffect Of Fluid And Sodium Restrictions On Weight Loss Among Patients With Heart Failure
Global Life Spans Continue To Lengthen, WHO SaysEarly IV Nutrition For Certain Patients Does Improve Survival Or Reduce ICU Length Of Stay
Slightly High Lead Tied To Less Reading ReadinessMusic Therapy Reduces Anxiety, Use Of Sedatives For Patients Receiving Ventilator Support
Ovarian Cancer Fall Sped Up As Hormone Use DroppedOlder Prostate Cancer Patients Should Think Twice Before Undergoing Treatment
Ultra-Low Salt Intake May Not Boost Health: U.S. PanelHospitals' Cardiac Arrest Incidence And Survival Rates Go Hand In Hand
Number Of Abused U.S. Children Unchanged Since 2008Having A Nighttime Critical Care Physician In The ICU Doesn't Improve Patient Outcomes
Hysterectomy Not Tied To Heart Risk Factors: StudyLeading Explanations For Whooping Cough's Resurgence Don't Stand Up To Scrutiny
Anger Linked To Raised Heart Attack RiskMetabolic Biomarkers Can Predict Mortality In The ICU
U.S. Agency Backs Lower Blood Alcohol Limit For DriversCombined Wood And Tobacco Smoke Exposure Increases Risk And Symptoms Of COPD
Bed Rest No Help For Women At Risk Of Early DeliveryEarly Childhood Respiratory Infections May Explain Link Between Analgesics And Asthma
U.S. Proposes Rule On Medicaid Payment Cuts For HospitalsPrenatal Exposure To Traffic Is Associated With Respiratory Infection In Young Children
Small Restaurants Serving Big Calories, Salt: StudiesStress Test May Help Predict Increased Mortality Risk In Sleep Apnea Patients
Ask Adult Patients About Alcohol Misuse: PanelNew Study Identifies Risk Factors For Depression Among COPD Patients
New Fitness Centers Cater To Aging Baby BoomersSource Of Infection Affects Hospital Mortality In Septic Shock Patients In The ICU
New SARS-Like Virus Can Probably Pass Person-To-PersonStudy Finds Air Pollution And Noise Pollution Increase Cardiovascular Risk
Women With Severe Injuries Are Less Likely Than Men To Be Treated In A Trauma CenterKeeping Fruit, Vegetables And Cut Flowers Fresh Longer
Exposure To Traffic Pollution Increases Asthma Severity In Pregnant WomenBody Fat Hardens Arteries After Middle Age
Diabetes Drug Tested In Parkinson's Disease PatientsNew Research Shows What Raises And Lowers Blood Pressure: Cell Phones, Salt And Saying Om
Immune Protein Could Stop Diabetes In Its TracksResearch Identifies Infection And Sepsis-Related Mortality Hotspots Across The US
Mayo Clinic: Molecular Marker From Pancreatic 'Juices' Helps Identify Pancreatic CancerTissue Damage From Metal-On-Metal Hip Implants Appears Before Pain Symptoms Appear
Ginger Compounds May Be Effective In Treating Asthma SymptomsNew Blood Test Finds Allergies Before Implant Surgery
Researchers Identify A Potential New Risk For Sleep Apnea: AsthmaDon't Judge The Nutrient Content Of White Vegetables By Color Alone
Treatment Of Sleep Apnea Improves Glucose Levels In PrediabetesSugar-Sweetened Beverages Associated With Increased Kidney Stone Risk
Study Finds That Sleep Apnea And Alzheimer's Are LinkedRepeat Brain Injury Raises Soldiers' Suicide Risk
Commonly Used Catheters Double Risk Of Blood Clots In ICU And Cancer PatientsYoung Women Often Less Healthy Than Young Men Before Heart Attacks
For Combat Veterans Suffering From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, 'Fear Circuitry' In The Brain Never RestsGetting Fit In Middle Age Can Reduce Heart Failure Risk
Ketamine Shows Significant Therapeutic Benefit In People With Treatment-Resistant DepressionCancer Diagnosis Puts People At Greater Risk For Bankruptcy
New Colonoscope Provides Ground-Breaking View Of ColonLong-Term Use Of Prescription Painkillers For Back Pain Linked To Erectile Dysfunction In Men
New Research Identifies Risks, Interventions For Children's GI HealthLong-Term ADHD Treatment Increases Brain Dopamine Transporter Levels, May Affect Drug Efficacy
More Than One-Third Of Texas Women Still Receive Unnecessary Breast Biopsy SurgerySkin Cancer May Be Linked To Lower Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease
Study Identifies New Approach To Improving Treatment For MS And Other ConditionsMassage Therapy Shown To Improve Stress Response In Preterm Infants
Physical & Emotional Impairments Common, Often Untreated In People With CancerCardio And Weight Training Reduces Access To Health Care In Seniors
Study Suggests New Role For ECMO In Treating Patients With Cardiac Arrest And Profound ShockNearly 50 Percent Increase In ICU Admissions, New Study Says
New Study Recommends Using Active Videogaming ('Exergaming') To Improve Children's HealthFirst Economic Analysis Of Practicing Dental Therapists Finds Increase In Access To Routine, Preventive Care For Children, Low-Income Adults
Diagnosing Heart Attacks: There's An App For ThatWhat Impacts Whether African Americans Call 9-1-1 Immediately For Stroke Symptoms?
Control Of Heart Disease Risk Factors Varies Among Outpatient PracticesA Better Way To Prevent Child Abuse
Beer-Industry Advertising Guidelines: Rating Panels May Help Industry Assess ItselfStudies Support Population-Based Efforts To Lower Excessive Dietary Sodium Intakes, But Raise Questions About Potential Harm From Too Little Salt Intake
Youth Who Have Their First Drink During Puberty Have Higher Levels Of Later DrinkingAlzheimer’s Markers Predict Start Of Mental Decline
College Women Exceed NIAAA Drinking Guidelines More Frequently Than College MenPrimary Care Physicians Vital To Complete Care Of Prostate Cancer Patients
Individuals Who Drink Heavily And Smoke May Show 'Early Aging' Of The BrainCan Breastfeeding Protect Against ADHD?
Body Mass Index Of Low Income African-Americans Linked To Proximity Of Fast Food RestaurantsFish Oil May Stall Effects Of Junk Food On Brain
Women With Chronic Physical Disabilities Are No Less Likely To Bear ChildrenDual Chamber Defibrillators Pose Higher Risk Of Complications
Researchers Shocked By New Statistics On Head Injuries Among People Who Are Homeless Or In Danger Of Losing Their HomeLocal Community Group Activities May Help Reduce Neonatal Mortality In Vietnam
Sanford-Burnham Researchers Identify Target To Prevent Hardening Of ArteriesTreatment With 2 Osteoporosis Drugs Better At Increasing Bone Density Than Single-Drug Therapy
Security Risks Found In Sensors For Heart Devices, Consumer ElectronicsHysterectomy Does Not Increase Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease
Work-Related Stress Linked To Increased Blood Fat LevelsBMJ Calls For New And Stronger Partnerships To Improve Healthcare
Expert Questions US Public Health Agency Advice On Influenza VaccinesBenefit Of Cycle Helmet Laws To Reduce Head Injuries Still Uncertain
Depression Linked To Almost Doubled Stroke Risk In Middle-Aged WomenWomen's Immune Systems Remain Younger For Longer
Risk Of Death, Hospital Readmission Prolonged After Heart Attack, Heart FailureDigital Mammography Cancer Detection Rates May Vary Significantly
Patients Fare Better At Hospitals Using Get With The Guidelines-StrokeFlu In Pregnancy May Quadruple Child's Risk For Bipolar Disorder
Massachusetts' Health Care Reform Didn't Raise Hospital Use, CostsCellphone Use May Reveal Your 'Dominant Brain'
LDL Cholesterol Is A Poor Marker Of Heart Health In Patients With Kidney DiseaseDepression May Boost Stroke Risk In Middle-Aged Women, Too
UIC Information Specialists Ease Switch To New Healthcare Codes1 In 5 U.S. Kids Has a Mental Health Disorder: CDC
Long-Term Outcomes In Patients With Advanced Coronary Artery Disease Are Better Than ExpectedMany Public Pools Contaminated With Human Waste: CDC
Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries Increase Military Suicide RiskFitness In Middle Age May Help Shield Men From Cancer Later
Depressed Cancer Survivors Are Twice As Likely To Die PrematurelyMost Americans Say 'No' To Smoking In Their Homes, Cars
Most Don't Allow Smoking In U.S. Homes And VehiclesHeart Risks Last Beyond Hospital Discharge, Study Finds
CDC Study: Fecal Contamination Found In Most Public PoolsAdult Children Of Substance Abusers More Prone To Depression
Those With Cancer More Likely To File For BankruptcyNew Drug May Help Immune System Fight Cancer
Institute Of Medicine, Heart Association Disagree On SodiumEyelash Extension Adhesives May Cause Bad Reactions
U.S. Hospital ICU Admissions Up 50 Percent Since 2002Doctors Reluctant To Expand Nurse Practitioners' Role: Survey
Despite New Guidelines, Women In 40s Still Getting MammogramsSugary Sodas, Fruit Punches May Raise Kidney Stone Risk: Study
Existing Medical Conditions May Preclude Prostate BiopsySalt Levels In U.S. Processed And Fast-Food Dangerously High
Women May Live Longer Than Men Due To Better ImmunityWHO: 270,000 Pedestrians Die Each Year On The World's Roads
CDC: Last Year's 286 Deaths From West Nile Highest Since 1999New Strains Of Hong Kong Flu Could Cause Pandemic
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Urges Women Not To Ignore Their HealthAgent Orange Exposure Linked To Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Death Most Likely In Smaller, Lighter Vehicle In A Two-Vehicle CrashSlowed Healthcare Spending Growth Could Be A Windfall Of $770 Billion
NYC Overdose Deaths From Prescription Painkillers Up 65%Small Amounts Of Formula May Prolong Breastfeeding Time
WHO: 270,000 Pedestrians Die Each Year On The World's RoadsNo Source Determined For 200 Sickened At Las Vegas Restaurant
New Strains Of Hong Kong Flu Could Cause PandemicMost Want To Know If They Have An Illness, Even If No Cure
Jekyll Into Hyde: Breathing Auto Emissions Turns HDL Cholesterol From 'Good' To 'Bad'Cautious Optimism Healthcare Spending Growth Has Slowed
Cholesterol-Lowering Drug May Reduce Exercise Benefits For Obese Adults, MU Study FindsPeppers, Tomatoes May Reduce Risk Of Parkinson's Disease
Study Finds Plasmin—Delivered Through A Bubble—More Effective Than tPA In Busting ClotsSmoking Water Pipes Not Less Harmful Than Cigarettes
Despite New Recommendations, Women In 40s Continue To Get Routine Mammograms At Same RateMedicare Advantage Cost U.S. Taxpayer $283 Billion Extra
Safer, More Environmentally Friendly Flame Retardant With First-Of-Its-Kind Dual EffectsHalf Of Nasal Allergy Sufferers Have Sleep Issues
Salk Scientists Develop Drug That Slows Alzheimer's In MiceChildhood Adversity Linked To Chronic Physical, Mental Disability
Individual And Small-Chain Restaurant Meals Exceed Recommended Daily Calorie NeedsWalnuts Or Extracted Walnut Oil Help Make A Healthier Heart
Salt Levels In Food Still Dangerously HighNew Test To Help Determine Aggressive Type Of Prostate Cancer
Living Close To Major Road May Impair Kidney FunctionTiming Is Everything When Discussing Alcohol With Kids
Non-Smoking Hotel Rooms Still Expose Occupants To Tobacco SmokeWrigley Stops Production Of Caffeinated Gum, Takes It Off The Market
Improving Memory In Alzheimer's Disease MiceHealth Care Tax Credits: Eligibility And Economic Impact
Study Finds Inconsistent And Slow Reduction In Sodium Levels In Processed And Restaurant's FoodTwo Doses Of HPV Vaccine Not 3 May Offer Similar Protection
Early Formula Use Helps Some Mothers Breastfeed LongerPrograms For Mentally Ill Teens, Adults Improve Skills
Routine Screening For Depression Not Recommended For Adults With No Apparent Symptoms Of DepressionCDC: 75 Percent In U.S. With Hepatitis C Don't Know They Are Infected
Job Stress, Unhealthy Lifestyle Increase Risk Of Coronary Artery DiseaseThose With Advanced Bladder Cancer May Be Helped By Chemotherapy
Agent Orange Exposure Linked To Life-Threatening Prostate CancerObesity Crisis May Be Fueling Big Jump In Sleep Apnea Cases
Research Reveals Possible Reason For Cholesterol-Drug Side EffectsMany Seniors Suffer Mental Decline In Silence: CDC
Background Noise In The Operating Room Can Impair Surgical Team CommunicationAllergies May Boost Severity Of Lung Disease
Exercise For Patients With Major Depression -- What Kind, How Intense, How Often?Give Immigrants Healthcare Access: U.S. Kid Doctors
Biomaterial Shows Promise For Type 1 Diabetes TreatmentWrigley Halts Production Of Caffeine Gum Following FDA Concern
How State And Local Governments Can Address The Obesity EpidemicStudy Questions Fish Oil Benefit Before Heart Attack
Elevated Cadmium Levels Linked To DiseaseU.S. Makes Data Available On Wide Disparity In Hospital Charges
Do Insomnia And Disrupted Sleep During Menopause Increase A Woman's Risk Of Heart Disease?Packaged Diet Foods May Spur More Weight Loss
Positive Social Support At Work Shown To Reduce Risk Of DiabetesInfo Packets Don't Help People Take ER Meds
Parental Addictions Linked To Adult Children’s DepressionSan Francisco Surrenders In Fight Over Cell Phone Warnings
Operating Without Interrupting Warfarin Reduces Risk Of Bleeding After Cardiac Device SurgeryMany Medical Guidelines Don't Consider Costs
Air Pollution Increases Risk Of Insulin Resistance In ChildrenMany In U.S. Don't Get Proper Testing For Hepatitis C: CDC
Could Eating Peppers Prevent Parkinson's?Kids' Chemical Injuries Down, But May Rise In Summer
Rejuvenating Hormone Found To Reverse Symptoms Of Heart FailureFluids May Prevent Constipation Better Than Fiber
PCBs Are EverywhereDoctors To Older, Heavy Smokers: Get CT Screening For Lung Cancer
Many Plastic Surgeons View Social Media As Important Tool For Promoting Their PracticeBrazil To Deploy 6,000 Cuban Doctors In Remote Areas: Minister
Soy And Tomato Combo May Be Effective In Preventing Prostate CancerBrakes On Health Spending Go Beyond The Recession: Studies
Enhanced Motion Perception In Autism May Point To An Underlying Cause Of The DisorderCould Family Longevity Protect Against Dementia?
Carnitine Supplement May Improve Survival Rates Of Children With Heart DefectsMS More Common In Blacks Than Previously Thought
Study Finds Nearly 5 Million Asthmatics Worldwide Could Benefit From Antifungal TherapyFDA Strengthens Warnings On Tanning Beds To Reduce Cancer Risk
Study On Coumarin In Cinnamon And Cinnamon-Based ProductsFDA Warns On Use Of Certain Migraine Drugs During Pregnancy
Children On Dialysis For Severe Kidney Disease Have A Dramatically Reduced Risk Of Death Compared To 20 Years AgoHealth Concerns Top List Of Retirement Worries In U.S.: Study
Whole Walnuts And Their Extracted Oil Improve Cardiovascular Disease RiskMoms' Iodine Levels Tied To Kids' Poor Test Scores
New Prostate Cancer Test Improves Risk AssessmentPrograms To Reduce Antibiotic Use Often Work
Discovery Shows Fat Triggers Rheumatoid ArthritisEurope's Top Flu Expert On Alert For Bird Flu Spread
Nurse Staffing Ratios Affect Hospital Readmissions For Children With Common ConditionsNew Bird Flu Poses "Serious Threat", Scientists Say
5,000 Steps A Day To Avoid Paying Higher Health Insurance Costs? When Money Talks, People WalkStopping Hormone Therapy May Have Its Own Risks
Kids' Reading, Math Skills Tied To Future SuccessContaminated Ground Turkey Found In 21 States: Report
Nearly Half Of High Schoolers Text While Driving: SurveyHow Much Do Financial Interests Sway Researchers?
Healthy Lifestyle May Offset Job Stress, Study FindsDo School Programs Keep Kids From Smoking?
A Little Formula Might Help Breast-Feeding For Some BabiesFDA Looks At Caffeine Impact On Kids After Wrigley Gum
Agent Orange Tied To Lethal Prostate CanceriPads Could Affect Implanted Heart Devices, Early Study Finds
Estrogen Levels Tied To Risk For Sudden Cardiac Death in StudyEveryday Noise Levels May Affect The Heart
U.S. Medicare Supplemental Coverage Linked To Higher SpendingSwimming Pools May Pose Hazard For People With Heart Devices
Healthcare Spending On Heart Disease And Hip Fractures SoaredFatal Crashes Involving Cellphone Use May Be Under-Reported
11 Percent Of Extremely Preterm Babies Have Severe DisabilityEating Peppers Tied To Lower Parkinson's Risk, Study Finds
Circadian Rhythm Ups Cravings For Sweet, Starchy, Salty SnacksRed Hair Pigment Might Raise Melanoma Risk: Study
Resources, Commitment Needed For Pediatric Physician-ScientistWireless Pacemaker Shows Promise In Early Study
U.S. Doctor Shortage Will Get Worse Unless Congress Ups FundsReducing Respiratory Virus In Preemies Lessens Wheezing: Study
Steps For U.S. Store Delis To Reduce Listeria RiskHigh Blood Sugar May Add To Alzheimer's Risk: Study
Bird Flu Decline May Be Better Containment Or Seasonal ChangeHospital Bills Can Vary Widely, Even In Same Cities
CDC: This Year's Flu Season A Bad Year For Pediatric DeathsJust How Might Exercise Lower Breast Cancer Risk?
U.S. Workers: Lack Of Exercise More Closely Linked To ObesityStudy Links Diet With Daytime Sleepiness And Alertness In Healthy Adults
U.S. Physicians Led 14 Professions In Well-Being, HealthAll Hospitals Should Require Drug, Alcohol Tests For Physicians
Antibiotics May Help Treat Half Of Those With Back PainStudy Demonstrates That Once-A-Day Pill Offers Relief From Ragweed Allergy Symptoms
Exceptional Longevity May Delay Alzheimer's DiseaseStudy: Using Anticholinergics For As Few As 60 Days Causes Memory Problems In Older Adults
Study: Obese Men At Higher Risk For Prostate CancerSunshine Could Benefit Health And Prolong Life, Study Suggests
Pregnant Women Who Have Influenza May Up Bipolar Risk In KidsType 1 Diabetes And Heart Disease Linked By Inflammatory Protein
Report: An Average 13 U.S. Workers Die On The Job Every DayNutritional Quality At Fast-Food Restaurants Still Needs Improvement
Some 2 Million U.S. Seniors Refuse Medicare Part D Free MoneyStudy Finds Increase In Fall-Related Traumatic Brain Injuries Among Elderly Men And Women
Exercise-Related Changes In Estrogen Metabolism May Lower Breast Cancer RiskTroubling Levels Of Toxic Metals Found In Lipstick
Promising Strategies To Reduce Use Of Indoor Tanning Devices And Prevent Skin CancerSeven Simple Lifestyle Steps May Decrease Risk Of Blood Clots
Protecting The Heart Health Of Diabetic PatientsTaking Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Also Reduce The Risk Of Dying From Prostate Cancer, Study Finds
Sleep Problems May Increase Risk For Prostate CancerVitamin D: More May Not Be Better
Robot-Assisted Kidney Cancer Surgery Offers Many Benefits, But At A CostPrintable 'Bionic' Ear Melds Electronics And Biology
Increase In Medical Treatment Caused Greatest Increase In US Health Care CostsHealth Defects Found In Fish Exposed To Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Millions Pass Up Free Health SubsidyWhat Do Ob/Gyns In Training Learn About Menopause? Not Nearly Enough, New Study Suggests
Skipping Meals And Shopping Sabotages DietsHalf Of US Plastic Surgeons Market Their Practice Via Social Media
Local Laws Key To Reducing Dangers Of Lead PoisoningNew Research Shows Weekend Binge Drinking Could Leave Lasting Liver Damage
Research Finds New Cause For Common Lung ProblemProgress In Introducing Cleaner Cook Stoves For Billions Of People Worldwide
Solid-State Controllable Light Filter May Protect Preterm Infants From Disturbing LightStudy Finds Survival From Cardiac Arrest Highest In The Operating Room Or Post-Anesthesia Care Unit
Traumatic Brain Injury Poses Complex Diagnostic, Management And Treatment Challenges In Older PeopleCPR 'Hands-Only' Guidelines May Not Be Best For Rural Areas
Weight Gain Linked With Personality Trait ChangesContacts Uncomfortable? Changing Lens Type Or Lens Care Product May Help
Occupational Data In Medical Billing Records Could Prevent Workplace InjuriesBrain Region May Hold Key To Aging
Physical Exercise In The Fight Against OsteoporosisNo Link Between Anesthesia, Dementia In Elderly, Mayo Clinic Study Finds
New Canadian Guidelines For Treating FibromyalgiaStudy: Amusement Rides Injure 4,400+ Kids A Year
Oral Drops Can Give Kids Needle-Free Relief From Asthma, AllergiesExpanding Medicaid -- Mental And Financial Health Improve, But No Improvement Shown In Physical Health
Curbing Medicare Costs Could Drive Some Seniors Out Of Program, Study FindsHeart-Healthy Diet Helps Men Lower Bad Cholesterol, Regardless Of Weight Loss
Understanding A Heart Patients' Quality Of Life Can Improve OutcomesWant To Slow Mental Decay? Play A Video Game
Breast Milk Ingredient Could Prevent Deadly Intestinal Problem In PreemiesSoaring U.S. Healthcare Costs Due To More Being Treated
Saving Money On Medical CostsBetter Handwashing Could Cut Healthcare Infections In Half
Proposed 'Medicare Essential' Plan Estimated To Save $180 Billion Over 10 YearsMedical Staff Thoughtfulness During Emergency Goes A Long Way
New Antiviral Treatment Could Significantly Reduce Global Burden Of Hepatitis CFormer NFL Coach Tells Men Not To Fear Skin Cancer Screening
Summer Sees A Spike In Chemical Injuries In KidsFrance Investigates Non-Certified Hip Replacements
Study Raises Concerns That Teen Athletes Continue To Play With Concussion SymptomsUrology Group Cautions On Prostate Cancer Screenings
Low-Dose Anticoagulation Therapy Used With New Design Mechanical Heart Valve Lowers Bleeding RiskWalking Essential For Those With Arthritis, But Few Do
Minimal Dose CT Superior To Chest X-Ray For Detection Of Recurrent Lung CancerPreordering A School Lunch Raises The Odds Of A Healthier Option
Managing Fibromyalgia: A Guide For PhysiciansCDC: U.S. Seasonal Flu Season Is Largely Over
Kidney Disease In Canada: 12.5 Percent Of Adults Afflicted, Yet Many UnawareFluoride Fights Tooth Decay By Making Bacteria Less Sticky
National Study Of Nanomaterial Toxicity Sets Stage For Policies To Address Health RisksFDA Proposes Tougher Warnings For Tanning Beds
Study Finds Black Women Have Higher Incidence Of Multiple Sclerosis Than White WomenSleep Woes Tied To Prostate Cancer Risk In Study
Children Living Near Toxic Waste Sites Experience Higher Blood Lead Levels Resulting In Lower IQSome Antidepressants May Raise Risk For Gastro Infection
ER Visits For Urinary Tract Infections Add Almost $4 Billion A Year In Unnecessary CostsSynthetic Pot Use Can Mimic Symptoms Of Prenatal Disorder
Foster Care A Sound Choice For Some Maltreated ChildrenFDA Warns Pregnant Women About Migraine Drugs
Many Parents Multi-Task While Driving KidsHungry Shoppers Pile High-Calorie Foods In Their Carts
Research Supports Laws That Require Bicyclists To Wear HelmetsLiving Long May Protect Against Early Alzheimer's, Study Finds
High School Athletes Say Concussions Won't Sideline ThemMany Parents Texting, Phoning While Driving Their Kids: Survey
Flame Retardants May Be Toxic To ChildrenCan High-Protein, Low-Carb Diet Boost Fertility Treatment?
Study Evaluates Effect Of Different Supplements On Reducing Risk Of Progression To Advanced AMDPediatricians Endorse New Acne Treatment Guidelines
Portable Device Provides Rapid, Accurate Diagnosis Of Tuberculosis, Other Bacterial InfectionsFlu Vaccine Safe For Kids With Crohn's, Colitis: Study
Some Prostate Cancer Patients More Likely To Die After Weekend ER VisitsStudy Links Timing Of ER Visit To Prostate Cancer Survival Odds
Hospital Surgical Volume Should Be Considered When Judging Value Of ProceduresMore Kids Diagnosed With Mental Health Disabilities, Study Finds
Study Adds To Evidence That Cigarettes Are Gateway To Marijuana16 Percent Of U.S. High Schoolers Victims Of Cyberbullying: Study
Cyberbullying Rampant Among High School StudentsDeath Rate Dropping For Children On Dialysis: Study
Preterm Infants May Need 800 IU Of Vitamin D3 Per DayMore Than 4 In 10 U.S. Teens Text While Driving: Survey
Childhood Disability Rate Jumps 16 Percent Over Past DecadeMost Docs Don't Follow ADHD Treatment Guidelines For Preschoolers: Study
Magnesium May Be As Important To Kids' Bone Health As CalciumUrologists' Group Issues Updated Guidelines On PSA Test
90 Percent Of Pediatric Specialists Not Following Clinical Guidelines When Treating Preschoolers With ADHDTesticular Cancer On Rise In U.S., Especially Among Hispanic Men
Toxic Waste Sites Cause Healthy Years Of Life LostExercise May Lower Older Women's Risk For Kidney Stones
Diagnosis, Treatment Of Common Outpatient Disorder Adds $238 Million A Year In ER CostsCentenarians A Happy Lot, Survey Says
Don't Txt N Drive: Teens Not Getting MsgPreordered School Lunches May Be Healthier, Study Finds
Vitamin C May Head Off Lung Problems In Babies Born To Pregnant SmokersKids On Medicaid May Face Barriers To Eczema Treatment
Childhood Obesity Starts At HomeADHD Drug Abuse Spikes During Final Exams, Trends On Twitter
Experts To Focus On The Science Of Gun SafetyStudy: Heavy Metals Found In Lipstick And Lip Glosses
Poverty Threatens Health Of US Children1-In-5 Adults Meet Physical Activity Guidelines
Preordering Lunch Increases Healthy Entree Selection In Elementary SchoolsAlmost 23 Million Of Working Families To Get Healthcare Credit
Teens With High Blood Pressure Have Less Distress, Better Quality Of LifeNo Link Found Between Autism And Lyme Disease
FDA Warning Against High Dose Antidepressant Prescription May Be Unwarranted, Study FindsSurvey: Most U.S. Clueless About Affordable Care Act
Bigger Birth Weight Babies At Greater Risk Of AutismParents Should Not Hold A Child On Lap On A Playground Slide
Increases In Heart Disease Risk Factors May Decrease Brain FunctionMediterranean Diet Helps Heart And Perhaps Memory As Well
Wrigley's Alert Energy Caffeine Gum Sparked FDA ReviewBrain Differences Seen In Kids With Conduct Problems
Kcentra Approved For The Urgent Reversal Of Vitamin KVideo Game May Help Keep Aging Brains Sharp
Only 1 In 5 Americans Gets Enough Exercise: CDCMedicaid Expansion Enhances Financial And Mental Well-Being, Study Says
Longer Wait For Mammogram After Benign Breast Biopsy May Be WarrantedMediterranean Diet Benefits Heart, Even Without Weight Loss: Study
Food, Skin Allergies On The Rise Among Children: CDCGirls With Autism May Need Different Treatments Than Boys
Lipsticks, Glosses Contain Toxic Metals: ReportCampaign Urges Smokers To Enlist Doctors' Help In Quitting